DODD Spon Disclosure

Fall is a great time of year here in Texas to be outside and active. The temperatures have dropped slightly, so it is nice to turn off the AC and get some fresh air. I feel more energy than I do in the summer. Hence, I tend to be a little more active.

Sinex Cold from Vicks

Daily morning boot camp workouts can really work up a sweat. I like to wear really lightweight wicking clothing and try to stay well hydrated the entire time. I also make sure I have a good dry deodorant on or antiperspirant on. I don’t want to be offensive to my fellow trainees.

Gym Weights

I can also get pretty sticky when I play touch football with the girls on weekends. They are young and can run fast. Keeping up with them does work up a sweat. I could forgo the deodorant and use that as my defense. No one likes to tag a smelly, sweaty dad. But, that wouldn’t really be fair play.

, Keeping Your Fall Fitness Goals and Not Stinking At It, Days of a Domestic Dad

Some of my go-to deodorants and antiperspirants are AXE, Degree for Men, and Dove Men+Care. I get them at CVS. I like the individualized fragrances of Axe Deodorant. Degree has enhanced odor control with MOTIONSENSE® Technology that responds directly to my body movement. The more intense my workout, the harder Degree works. Dove antiperspirants and deodorants are slightly moisturizing, which is great for preventing chaffing under my arms.

Degree Men Ultraclear

I tend to choose a different product depending on whether I am doing intense training, horsing around with the kids, or taking a nice long walk with my wife that may transition to a dinner date. The last thing I want with the latter is yellow stains on my shirt and not smelling fresh.

Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Invisible

You can visit to take a quiz to find out what dry spray will help you embrace the fall season with confidence. You can save $1.00 when shopping for dry spray antiperspirant and deodorant products. Between 11/12/17 and 11/28/17 you can buy one and get another at 50% off with your card. Just select Axe, Dove, or Degree products to get this offer.