Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

Do you do a lot of baking and cooking at home around the holidays? Our family does. The house generally smells pretty good when we get it right. But, sometimes we don’t pay attention and something burns or boils over onto the hot cooktop. Getting rid of those odors and messes can be a chore. I often worry that this will happen just as we are expecting guests. And, it does sometimes. Do you have an easy solution for odors during the holiday season?

Easy Solution for Odors

I do have a solution for mishaps. This holiday season we aren’t taking any chances. We are going to use the Febreze holiday collection of limited edition scents in the Air Effects products to make sure the house always smells nice. Some of the new scents include Fresh Pressed Apple, Fresh Twist Cranberry, Fresh Cut Pine, and Fresh Fall Pumpkin. I’m thinking pumpkin for around Thanksgiving and pine for Christmas time.

Air Effects are so easy to use. You simply hold the can upright and press and hold the trigger, making a sweeping motion to fill the air with freshness. There is no need to shake the can. It’s that simple.

You can use the Air Effects to freshen your kitchen, the bathrooms, the living room, the area where the dog sleeps, the basement; pretty much anywhere you might encounter unpleasant odors. We don’t use it directly on fabrics, near the fireplace, or near the birds outside. Febreze is part of our normal cleaning routine and also for those last minute drop-in guests that we weren’t counting on. Those do happen around the holidays with friends and family bringing holiday treats or just wanting to catch up.

A Bad Moms Christmas – #LiveNaughtySmellNice

Febreze is sharing #LiveNaughtySmellNice hacks to help get you and your home through the holiday season. While we’re on the topic of living naughty, the “bad moms” are back this holiday season! Febreze is proud to be partnering with the newly “A Bad Moms Christmas” movie. The film follows the hilarious antics of three under-appreciated and over- burdened wives and moms. The cast features Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn. Their Christmas holiday challenges get out of control when their own mothers show up for the holidays. It is ridiculous and so funny. You can catch a glimpse of the film trailer here.

The bad ladies could use a bit of their own holiday scents to freshen up their homes. For more information about the Febreze Air Effects products and the new holiday scents, check out the website.