One of the less exciting parts of everyday life, is the moment you lose something you care about. Unfortunately, it happens to us all. For most it is maybe once or twice a day, but if you are a more forgetful person it is more like three to five times a day. The most frustrating part of losing these precious belongings, is the countless amount of time we spend looking for these lost items in our lifetime, some to never see again.

DJI Mavic Pro

This is really no fun when it is a child’s favorite toy or even the awesome gifts you plan to give them this Christmas. Luckily, there is a new and convenient way to save your time, save your money, and save you the frustration.

Tile App, I Lost My DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Found it with the Tile App, Days of a Domestic Dad

Tiles and the Tile app have helped to rid the world of lost things, with the use of bluetooth technologies that keeps track of your things so you do not have to worry about it disappearing. This was a huge blessing when I lost my, very expensive, DJI Mavic Pro Drone one day while out flying it with my kids. When I saw it lose control in the field of tall grass behind our house, I was so happy I had decided to put a tile on it. We quickly opened our Tile app and were close enough to locate it in no time. Since then, I’ve decided to put Tiles on so many other things around the house that seem to go missing from time to time.

Tile App, I Lost My DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Found it with the Tile App, Days of a Domestic Dad

The Tiles are easy to install to any object you do not want to lose, just attach a tile to it and register it in your app. They have even made different styles of the Tile to fit all of your most cherished possessions. The two basic models of the Tile are the Tile Mate and the Tile Slim, both have a range of one hundred feet and can be used for almost anything. The Tile Mate is designed for use on everyday items that you might lose, and is great for household items like your child’s toys. The Tile Slim is a lighter, thinner Tile specifically designed for the use in wallets, purses, or passports. There is now a new and improved Pro Series that includes the Tile Sport and the Tile Style.

Tile App, I Lost My DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Found it with the Tile App, Days of a Domestic Dad

These can reach up to two hundred feet, twice as far as the basic models! The Tile Style has a perfect upscale look to match those high-end items that you really do not want to misplace. The style works great and looks great on designer handbags, that are more likely to go missing. My favorite Tile, the Sport Tile, is made for the rugged outdoor weather and terrain This is the one that works best on my drone and on the kids bikes too.

No matter what you would like a little more insurance on, there is a Tile for it! Get your own Tiles and ease of mind because, together we find!