Schools are almost out for the summer and your kids are going to be spending a ton of time at home. This is the perfect opportunity to start spending some quality time with them.

Outdoor Activities, Ideas For Spending Quality Time With Your Kids – Try These 6 Outdoor Activities, Days of a Domestic Dad

Try These 6 Outdoor Activities

The following ideas can be on your bucket list for the summer to ensure that, every week, there is a new activity that allows you to spend some quality time with your little ones.

1. Yard Party

High temperatures can set anyone’s temper running. To cool off, distract yourself from the heat, or simply have some fun, you can have a yard party with your children. It’s a great way to spend quality time and you can set up different games to play if you have a pool including water polo, water fights, and swimming contests. 

You can alternate between these activities and even chill in the pool a little before ending your day with a barbeque. If you do not have a pool in your yard, you do not have to fret; you can still set up a kiddie pool or set up sprinklers. It is an amazing way to bond with your children, and it ensures that they have an outlet for their energy that is seemingly endless.

2. Water Fights

No matter how old your children are, a water balloon or water-gun battle will be a great outdoor activity. It is amazing how even adults can tune into their younger selves when involved in a water fight. You can also set up a slip and slide with simple materials. This activity is a guaranteed win if you want to build a closer bond with your children since it shows them that you enjoy playing around just as much as they do.

3. Kayaking

Speaking of water-based activities, Kayaking is another great option for your outdoor plans. Kayaking is quite fun especially if your children enjoy playing sports. It can be a group activity or an individual one if your children are old enough to man their own kayaks. 

You can make kayaking even more fun by adding another activity such as fishing into the mix. There are different kayak fishing gear that you can use to make your experience even greater. Fishing is a calm activity, but when you add it to kayaking, it makes the experience so much better. Staying in a lake all day, listening to music, kayaking, and fishing sound like the perfect combination for much-needed quality time. It is certainly an experience that you wouldn’t want your children to skip.

No matter the type of activity you choose, gearing up is essential. For instance, people looking for more water excitement research surf ski kayaks for sale to fully equip their outdoor activities. This ensures safety and maximizes the enjoyment of all your summer activities.

Outdoor Activities, Ideas For Spending Quality Time With Your Kids – Try These 6 Outdoor Activities, Days of a Domestic Dad
Family camping in the woods with fire; Spring or autumn camping with campfire at night ; camping, travel, tourism, hike and people concept. Quality family time together.

4. Biking

If your children do not like being in the water for long, but still enjoy physical activities, then biking is another idea for some quality time. Instead of hiking on foot, you can bike across different trails together as a group. Whether you have younger children or teenagers, biking is still considered a fun activity that all age groups enjoy. You can spend time exploring nature and taking pictures to commemorate the day spent together.

5. Paint Using Chalk

If you have a sidewalk beside your home, then you can set up your very own art exhibit with your children. It is as simple as getting some colored chalk. You can elevate the experience by crushing the chalk into powder, adding water to the mix, and using paint brushes to paint it on. After the paint dries, you are left with colorful works of art that will last all day or at least until you hose the sidewalk down to make room for more masterpieces. You can set up a Pictionary game using sidewalk chalk as your chosen method of drawing.

6. Camping

Camping is an exciting outdoor activity that you can bond with your kids through. Spending the night surrounded by nature will bring you much closer to each other. If your children are not used to spending a night in nature, you can start it off with a simple camping excursion in the backyard.

You can set up a tent to spend the night, have smores and tell stories. Camping is an awesome way to build strong bonds without the presence of technology or distractions that can disrupt quality time.

While there are amazing indoor activities that you can do with your children, there are also tons of great outdoor activities that will help your kids release excess energy and still be fun for you.

The above-mentioned activities are diverse enough that, no matter what interests your children have, you will find something that will help you have fun together.

Now that you have your bucket list for the summer, you can start setting up plans with your children.

Outdoor Activities, Ideas For Spending Quality Time With Your Kids – Try These 6 Outdoor Activities, Days of a Domestic Dad