No matter where the world takes us, some places just have an indescribable feeling and energy about them that make us feel alive inside.

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Start Your Real Estate Journey

It’s reasons like this why California has topped many people’s lists of all-time best places to live. 

But with such a large state to look around, where can aspiring first-time buyers find that perfect spot to not only start their real estate journey but ensure that it’s a thriving place for their future? 

For a few years now, Bakersfield has been lauded as one of The Golden State’s best-hidden gems. So, what’s all the fuss about and why has this Southern California city gained so much attention as of late? 

A Low Cost of Living

The average house for sale in Bakersfield is far more cost-effective than some of The Golden State’s more prominent names. And considering its convenient location, Bakersfield inhabitants can benefit from not having to pay Los Angeles real estate prices to live out their California dreams. 

Within Driving Distance of Multiple Locations 

Bakersfield is just a few hours away from some of the most well-known and popular areas in the entire country. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and even Santa Barbara are accessible by car, giving you the complete freedom to enjoy all of the beaches, tourist attractions, and hotspots that California has to offer. 

Business Growth Means Real Estate Growth 

When Amazon built a warehouse in Bakersfield, other businesses took note and soon followed their example. Technology hub Bitwise Industries were the next business venture to see the potential of Bakersfield, setting up a place for other tech-innovators to come, learn, and develop together. 

This continued growth will inevitably lead to the real estate market taking notice, and the prices of homes purchased now are sure to see significant increases in the future. 

Key Educational Opportunities

We all begin our real estate journeys at different stages of our lives, and whether you’re thinking about schooling your children, where to place your future kids, or even looking at further education for yourself, Bakersfield has you covered. 

With a range of good elementary schools (such as American Elementary School), middle schools (like Paul L Cato Middle School), or High Schools (like Stockdale High School) as potential options, there is plenty of places to choose from out of these well-regarded schools within the area

In addition to this, higher educational opportunities await mature learners at Bakersfield College and the California State University respectively. 

Parks, Culture, and Music 

Aside from the business, location, and educational advantages Bakersfield offers, there’s plenty of entertainment and attractions for you to enjoy from the comfort of your new city. 

For people who love a good walk, the Kern River Parkway Trail will guide you through 20 miles of breathtaking views.

For those who love to learn, the California Living Museum provides wildlife and plants to discover, and there’s even the Fox Theater for chilled vibes and live music. 

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