Car rentals are great; there’s such variety out there from 3/4 ton truck rental, large trucks for moving, jeeps for fun traveling experiences in the mountains, and, of course, just a standard car for long haul drives whether it be in your country or another one while traveling.

, How to Keep the Car Rental Experience as Smooth as Possible, Days of a Domestic Dad

With that said, however,  it’s so important for the entire experience to go smoothly. 

Car rentals aren’t exactly the cheapest, and on top of that, you want to make sure you get your deposit back, so essentially, nothing bad should happen, or else this can bite you hard financially speaking. While you, of course, can’t control other drives on the road, you can control your driving and your actions. So, here’s how to keep the car rental experience as smooth as possible for yourself. 

You Need to Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before signing a car rental agreement, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions.  Seriously, don’t just skim through it or skip reading it at all (even if some of the legal wording is a tad confusing); chances are very high that something important is in there. This is where you’ll find important information about the deposit, including the amount, how it’s charged, and the conditions under which it will be refunded. So, make sure you’re clear on these terms from the start. It’s really on you if you skip reading it and become surprised if something you dislike or don’t agree with happens. When you sign your name on the paperwork, you are technically agreeing to these conditions whether you read them or not. 

Try and Choose a Reputable Car Rental Company

So, this one you may or may not have much control over. If you live in a small town and there’s only one company, then chances are you’re stuck with that company. If you’re at a small airport and there’s only two or three car rental companies, then you’re still limited on options. However, in the case where you do have multiple options, then you’re best to look into one that’s reputable and won’t give you a hard time. 

Be Mindful and Drive Safely

Of course, this isn’t your car, so you’re going to want to be mindful of the mileage and the fuel, and, of course, drive safely. Avoid taking any back roads or dirt roads, try to avoid driving at night, and don’t be careless with driving at all. In fact, be even more cautious than you would usually be.  Plus, any traffic fines and parking tickets incurred during your rental period may be charged to your deposit or credit card, so that’s far from ideal. 

Clean the Car Before Returning

Not all rental companies expect you to clean the car out before returning, but it’s best to do this just in case so you can get your deposit back. So, go ahead and consider returning the car in a clean and tidy condition. Remove any personal items, trash, and debris. Generally speaking, there are some rental companies that charge cleaning fees for excessively dirty vehicles. It’s up to you really to take it to a car wash or not, but it all helps out in getting back that deposit. 

, How to Keep the Car Rental Experience as Smooth as Possible, Days of a Domestic Dad