Video gaming is an activity loved by many worldwide, with research revealing that there are around 3 billion active players all around the globe. That’s over a billion more gamers than seven years ago.

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Playing games online is a favorite pastime that goes beyond sitting in front of a screen; it also involves skill and interaction. Although some people have expressed worry about the impact of gaming, there are also valuable life skills you can learn from it, including those below. 

Mastering multitasking 

Compared to the old days of gaming, this activity has evolved into a wild, complex world, offering several games, including the popular Grand Theft Auto. Such games require you to race, fight off bad guys, dodge traffic, and make phone calls simultaneously. It doesn’t get any easier as you have to deal with distractions if you live in a shared space.

It’s like juggling a hundred things, which surprisingly helps you better handle many tasks at once while staying razor-focused. Think of it as a workout for your brain. Being an expert at multitasking isn’t just cool in the gaming world; it’s a great skill in real life, making you more productive and boosting your performance at work. 


There are so many video games where you have to be patient; basically, if you want to do the game right and pass whatever level you’re on, you have no choice. Think about the game Hitman, for example; you have to be patient and wait for your target to walk into your trap; the same for Elder Scroll games like Skyrim and Oblivion, where you have to wait for NPCs to do what you want during a special mission. But that’s not all either; just take the game Solitaire, which is literally known for its need for patience. They say that patience is a virtue, and it is; video games really push you, and you have to be patient if you want to continue with the game.

Mathematical skills 

Using games to explore and understand numbers and math is an interesting part of playing. Games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 make you think about distance, angles, and timing when aiming and taking down opponents.

Also, the immersive nature of first-person shooters means you’re soaking up math lessons while having a blast. It’s like the more fun you have in a game, the more you end up learning without even realizing it. 

Money management 

Managing money is a big part of gaming, and it’s more than just numbers. Whether you’re buying, selling, or trading gear or collecting coins for cool stuff in the game, it all involves money skills. Quests and side missions in various game genres teach you to invest wisely and earn profits.

But be careful because, just like in real life, if you’re broke in a game, it can be super frustrating. Video games often mirror real life, but remember, they aren’t real.

It’s fun to learn money skills in games, but don’t forget to apply your real-life money sense in real life. After all, no restarts in real-world decisions. 


The most popular video games require a great deal of strategizing; whether tackling quests, battles, or even building a character’s life, having a good plan is key. Gamers know how to think ahead for all sorts of goals, from the short-term to the long haul. It’s like prepping to outwit a super-tough opponent or to build your own powerful empire. Gathering resources, figuring out your rival’s weak spots, and overcoming likely roadblocks are all part of the game. The creative problem-solving and attention to detail that gaming teaches can seriously help you in real life. Meanwhile, in games like hearts, you’re not just playing cards but strategizing, too. You’re either figuring out your next move or planning your overall approach. These games make you think critically and strategically. You’re learning to predict moves and chart your own course to reach your goal. 


In online multiplayer games, there’s a lot about leadership. These games usually require designating team leaders, planning strategies, or keeping the group morale high. Often, someone has to be the lead. Team leaders organize schedules, chat with other players, and work on game plans, just like a real team.

You build these leadership qualities over time by managing various teams in different gaming situations. Believe it or not, these are the same skills bosses and team leaders use in businesses to keep everyone motivated and working towards company goals. 

Recognizing patterns 

It’s almost impossible to get into a video game without realizing a pattern. Whether figuring out the rhythm in games like Just Dance or understanding how to beat a tricky level, you may need to spot patterns and make predictions.

This same skill is particularly crucial in today’s business world. Making decisions based on data involves spotting patterns, using them to predict outcomes, and developing solutions. It’s a lot like cracking the code to advance in a game. 


In today’s tech-centric world, knowing your way around a keyboard is key. Quick and accurate typing is a top skill, right up there with coding. No boss wants to wait on a report while someone’s tapping away with two fingers.

Fortunately, games that can help you type exist. Take ‘Typing of the Dead: Overkill,’ for instance, which swap out guns for keyboards.

You’re up against zombies, typing out words that pop up on the screen quickly. It’s a fun way to sharpen your typing skills while stimulating your brain.

Learn a new language 

If you want to learn a new language but can’t stand dull textbooks and endless verbs, games are here to save the day. They break down those crazy words, verbs, and sentences into easy-to-chew bits and let you practice without the yawn-inducing grammar lectures.

Plus, these games come with native speakers’ audio, so you’re picking up vocabulary from the professionals. Imagine spending a few minutes behind the screen playing games and mastering French, Spanish, or any language without losing your mind.

Now is probably a great time to forget the boring memorization and have a thrilling time learning a new language. 

So there you have it – a list of eight valuable life skills you can learn the next time you dive into your favorite game.

Think about what you’re learning beyond just racking up points. You could even go all in and dig into the actual science behind gaming – learning how it affects your mind and body.

Balance your online adventures with real-world ones. That way, you can have the best of both worlds. While gaming, always remember that moderation is key, and finding your groove can help you have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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