Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this post.

Next year, I plan on doing some much-needed home improvements. The holidays are sure to take a bite out of any available capital we have to do the projects I have in mind without some additional financial assistance. Fortunately, we own our home and do have some equity that we can tap into to help with the work I have planned.


Home DIY Project List

I’ve already received prices for window upgrades to make the house more energy efficient as well as the price for a much-needed roof replacement. Plus, I would also like to add a fire pit to our backyard where friends and family can gather on cool evenings. The fire pit could be a fun DIY project but I also want to pursue the cost of having it done (correctly) by a skilled mason.


With a fairly solid number in mind, I am considering a lump sum home equity loan from Capital One, currently being offered from 4.52% to 4.91% (depending on the length of the loan). Capital One also has a home equity line of credit starting as low as 3.02%. I’ve considered both options by using the online calculators on the Capital One website, which have provided me with customized rates for my specific remodeling needs. I was happy to discover that by using the online calculators my credit score was not impacted and I was able to see my personalized rate; however, I did not have to make any commitment to apply for a loan or line of credit. Both equity products being offered by Capital One have attractive rates that meet my needs perfectly.

Before the New Year, I will visit my Capital One branch in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to discuss what I have learned by using the online tools with an equity specialist. The online tools are available at The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area on the website has also been extremely helpful up to this point.


Although I have not yet formally applied for a Capital One Home Equity Loan, I am confident in the bank’s products and services. I am pleased to have this financial institution as a sponsor and have no reservations about moving forward with discussing my renovation needs.

Lastly, I wanted to share some findings from a Capital One sponsored research study that was conducted last December in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by Wakefield Research. The survey revealed that 68% of respondents admitted that they had difficulty understanding and navigating the home equity market when searching for loans and/or lines of credit. I think Capital One has taken the mystery and headaches out of the process by offering easy online calculators, FAQ resources and accessible customer support.