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I am pleased to have recently partnered with RaceTrac, a full service convenience store and fueling station. The brand is expanding in Texas and I couldn’t be happier. As a busy dad of 5 kids, convenience is often the key to making our family function efficiently. This is especially true weekday mornings during the school year and when we need to rally the troops to get to a game or practice on weekends.

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When I have time, I do enjoy making breakfast for and with my wife and kids at home. But, that isn’t always practical when we are rushing. Getting our teenagers out of bed in the morning can be challenging. Inevitably, someone misses the bus. Those are the days when I look to RaceTrac to help make the morning routine possible.

The mornings that I do have to drive someone to school or to an athletic event, we will all pile into the car and head to RaceTrac for a quick and convenient breakfast. Those are the times when I let my children pick whatever they want to eat so we are in and out quickly. One of my daughters would have milk shakes at every meal if we let her. RaceTrac offers whole milk ice cream shakes with fruit toppings. I am fine with indulging her, knowing that she is getting both protein and fresh fruit. The yogurt and fruit smoothies are also a really tasty option.

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RaceTrac has #WhateverGetsYouGoing

On perfect days, my kids will get to school without my having to drive them. But, I will have spent the hour before they head out making sure they have eaten. I sometimes forget completely about my own needs. After everyone is gone, I just don’t feel like putting together breakfast for myself. And, I really want a big cup of coffee before I start working. I can make a quick run to RaceTrac and get one of their 6 different blends of coffee to help me start my own day. I also like to grab a hot breakfast sandwich. A chicken biscuit sandwich may sound odd for breakfast, but I like it and it is satisfying.

I work non-stop until my kids get home, so I will often pick up something to have for a late morning energy snack or even lunch while I am getting my coffee and breakfast. For snacks I like to eat nourishing foods. RaceTrac offers fresh cut fruits that are a perfect healthy option for me.

It doesn’t matter if you are shuttling your kids to school or games, or you just need convenience so you can start your own day. RaceTrac has pretty much everything you need to get your morning started. I am pleased to have RaceTrac as one of my sponsors and hope you will find their stores as convenient and diverse as my family does.