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About a week ago I shared about the Haier Compact Washer for my sons dorm room at college. You know what may seem to be silly to some parents, the Haier portable washer is a practical idea for me. the way I look at it, the water in his bathroom is free compared to the laundry mat. Before he leaves for college I figured I could do a Haier Portable Compact Washer Review to share my thoughts.

Haier Portable Compact Washer Review

Haier Portable Compact Washer Review The Haier HLP21N Compact Washer is ideal for small capacity loads of laundry. With a 1 cu.ft stainless steel drum basket this washer 3 water levels along with 3 wash cycles. The easy operation and user friendly control panel make washing a load or two a effortless. With a total weight of 43 pounds the Haier HLP21N Compact Washer can be moved from one room to another, with the included wheels.

Washer is quiet with a fast cycle time. The seven gallon capacity can handle sheets or multiple clothing items. – Haier Customer

Product Features

  • Quick Connect – Portable washers are supplied with a sink adapter that enables the connection of the water hose to a bathroom or kitchen faucet. The quick connect makes setup and disconnect easy.
  • Faucet Controlled – Our portable washers have a single water inlet valve and can only be connected to one water hose. The wash and rinse water temperature will be determined by the faucet that the washer is attached to.
  • Heavy Duty Casters – Some of our portable washers can be made easier to move by attaching the supplied heavy duty casters. This helps if there is a need to regularly move the washer between its operating position and a storage location.

Overall, the Haier HLP21N Compact Washer is ideal for an apartment or dorm room. The functions, ease of connecting, and storing are some of the best things I like about the Haier HLP21N Compact Washer.

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