Making homemade craft gifts is a great way to teach your children the joy of giving a gift. Not only does making craft gifts keep them busy, but it can also help boost their creativity. By making these gifts together with your children, you also create valuable bonding time.

, Gorgeous Craft Gifts Kids Can Make for Winter Holidays, Days of a Domestic Dad

While kids expect to receive something like Bluetooth hoverboards for kids during winter holidays, parents are always happy to receive a handmade gift from their kids. In this article, you can find great ideas that your kids can use for a handcrafted gift.

Rock Paperweight

This craft gift is one that kids of all ages can make. It only requires two things: pebbles and paint. The instructions for this craft gift are as easy as pie, too! All your child has to do is paint their favorite designs, characters, animals, etc, on the rock. If you want to go the extra mile, spray some glaze onto the painted rock once it’s dry. This will help preserve your child’s art. This is an adorable craft gift that your children will love making. 

DIY Snow Globes

Snow globes are beautiful and remind us of how beautiful winter can be. While a regular snow globe may be challenging to make, this simplified version will be a pleasure for children to create. All you need is a small jar, a Christmas-themed ornament, white confetti, and some string. To make this craft gift:

  1. Have your child carefully glue the ornament to the inside of the jar lid.
  2. Fill the jar with confetti and screw on the lid.
  3. Add ribbon to the jar, and voila! A homemade charming snow globe.

Beaded Bracelets 

Bracelet-making is an activity that can help children improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Colorful beads and jewelry charms can be used to make unique bracelets. For an added seasonal touch, you can use holiday-themed charms, too. Your child will have fun stringing their favorite colors onto the string. This craft gift is one that they can make for their grandparents and teachers. 

Shell Photo Frame

Do you have nut shells lying around after Christmas? Use them to make an easy shell photo frame. This is a great craft gift for younger kids since the only instruction is gluing nut shells onto a frame. You can create a photo frame out of ice cream sticks or use a plain one. Make sure to supervise your little one while they use glue. Children can also paint and decorate the frame to add a special touch to their gift. 

Jar of Hearts

This craft gift idea holds sentimental value and allows your children to express their love. You only need a jar, paper, a pen, and decorative items for this gift. Cut the paper into small strips and allow your child to write reasons why they love you on each one. Fold each strip and place it into the jar. Your child can also decorate the jar for some added cuteness. This is one craft gift that every parent will adore. 


Receiving a homemade gift from your child is something every parent loves. Your child will also feel accomplished when making these fun craft gifts. Not only does making these gifts bring joy to your child, but it also allows them to feel more attached to their loved ones.

, Gorgeous Craft Gifts Kids Can Make for Winter Holidays, Days of a Domestic Dad