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Earlier this month I shared about the OtterBox Agility Tablet System for the Apple iPad line. Well last week I received my very own Agility Tablet System, to be tested by my lovely 4 year old daughter. I figured if anyone could find a flaw in the system it would be her.

Otter Box Agility

Agility Tablet System – Shell

The Shell is the fundamental tablet accessory of the Agility Tablet System. Along with delivering drop protection, the Shell is your tablet’s foundational mount that works in harmony with Agility Folios, Agility Wall Mounts and Agility Docks.

Otter Box Agility Shell

Agility Tablet System – Folio

The Agility Folio is a slim tablet case that converts into a stand. It closes to protect your tablet’s sensitive touchscreen. The Folio converts into a
2-position stand for typing and viewing.

Otter Box Agility Dock

Agility Tablet System – Dock

Sits on your desk, nightstand, counter, or anywhere it requires a hands free stand. Adjusts to the perfect angle for reading, watching and typing.

Agility Tablet System – Wall Mount

Be able to take your tablet anywhere in the house, with a wall mount. Mount it in the restroom, kitchen, office or bedroom for easy access and use.

Otter Box Agility


All in all the Agility Tablet System is a great set up for the person on the go, or not. I watched my daughter sit carry, drop, and spin her iPad in the Agility Tablet System by OtterBox. Let me explain, if you have kids like me that enjoy their screen time, they carry around their devices, and expect them to continue to work. My four year old darling, loved the Agility dock, she found it easy to attach and spin the iDad (iPad). From there she would venture to the kitchen to attach the Agility Shell to the Wall Mount near the table. For some reason she just loved the idea of her iPad hanging on the wall.

When traveling we slap the Agility Shell in the Portfolio for additional protection and a portable stand.