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Five iPhone Apps for Dad

As I was flipping the through my iPhone, I noticed several apps I have to help me throughout my normal day-t0-day activities. Therefore, I thought I would share my favorite five iPhone apps for dad. Well, parents in general I suppose.


How you can use it:

The Dinner Spinner suggests recipes based on the type of meal, ingredients you may have, nutritional information and even total prep time.

Why I use it:

When you need a quick dinner idea while standing in the middle of the supermarket and this app has it. You can forget packaged mac ’n cheese from now on.


How you can use it:

CardStar lets you store and quickly find those loyalty, reward and club-membership cards and library cards you often carry around.

Why I use it

There is no longer a need for plastic key rings and cards to be weighing down your key chain and wallet.


How you can use it:

Evernote offers ways to keep all kinds of notes, including text, voice, photos and even Web-finds, on hand. Plus, it is easily accessible from several devices.

Why I use it:

I like to look up important to-do lists, locations, phone numbers and more. This app gives me the ability to reference that information at any time.

Mom Maps

How you can use it:

These maps find kid-friendly playgrounds, parks, restaurants and indoor play areas wherever you are located. Plus, it shows parents’ favorites places.

Why I use it:

Three words: cabin fever relief!


How you can use it:

Scans business cards does just that: scans business cards. It then adds all the info to your address book, with notes for social-media sharing and contact keeping.

Why I use it:

Gone are the days of rummaging through a mile-high pile of cards. Easily collect a card while out, scan it when you get a chance, and have the info anytime.

What are your favorite apps? Yours are most likely based on your lifestyle as mine are geared towards my daddy blogger life.

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