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Most people love the idea of playing fantasy football. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s often difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy participating. With that being said, not every individual has the time or the dedication to participate in a season long fantasy football league. For some individuals, they simply want the opportunity to change their lineup when they decide to change it as opposed to being locked into the same lineup the entire season. Fortunately, daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform DailyMVP exists. This is the answer for everyone who wants to participate on their terms.


DailyMVP delivers the thrill of competition to the palm of your hand by offering daily and weekly fantasy sports games in a quick-to-play format.

DailyMVP – A Fantasy Sports Platform That Works

In reality, there are a lot of things about DailyMVP that make it different from practically everything else out there. This particular platform sets itself apart because it’s simply easier to use and you can change your lineup every single day. It’s fast, direct and to the point. Unlike playing the big sites that promised you a million dollars (but never happens), DailyMVP is the fun, quick-to-play DFS platform, which is also mobile friendly and easy to navigate. All you have to do is pick three players you think will outperform their projections and you win! What this did for me was that it allowed me to set my lineups and even challenge my friends in the time it takes me to stand in line at Starbucks – it was that easy! It is designed for someone who knows what they want to do and it allows them to get it done in a minimal amount of time with very little effort.

Daily MVP

Play for free, or compete for cash prizes!

One of the most obvious benefits is how well DailyMVP performs on all types of mobile devices. DailyMVP makes it easy. Another huge plus is you have the ability to win real money or play for bragging rights, but one thing that’s certain is that DailyMVP is the DFS platform completely set up for a dad like me who has a lot on his plate and not a lot of time to waste! You can play on the days that you have time and on the days you don’t, you simply don’t worry about it.

Daily MVP

Getting Started
If you are ready to play fantasy football without all of the hassle involved with many of the more traditional platforms you can get started with Daily MVP right away. Simply visit Daily MVP site. You can use the promo code “DomesticDad” to get a great discount and get started on your first line up. If you have always wondered what it would be like to participate in fantasy football, this is your opportunity to do it without all of the pitfalls that are typically associated with many of the other systems.