One of the highlights for me, on our trip to Los Angeles was the Captain America: Winter Solider screening and press junket. In that we had the chance to interview with Chris Evens, Captain America.

Interview Chris Evens #CaptainAmericaEvent

Is Captain America a Positive Role Model?

As a parent, I am constantly concerned about what my kids are watching on TV and movies. Sometimes it seems we are in short supply of appropriate entertainment. So I knew coming into the interview with Chris Evans, I wanted to know how he feels about his role as a super hero, or role model.

Question – Do you find that that character has good qualities, and plays like a role model?

Chris Evens – Oh, completely.  Yeah.  When I took the role, there’s a kid that I grew up with.  This kid named Charlie.  You can all write this down.  Charlie Morris.  He’ll love this.  But he won’t.  He’ll hate this, ’cause he’s Capt. America.  He’s like, the best kid I know.  He was an Eagle scout. And being an Eagle scout is not easy. You’ve got to really do it for a long time. But he’s just such a good man, and he genuinely, genuinely puts himself last. He lives by a code. When nobody’s looking, he’s the man that he wants to be, and that’s impressive.

And so when I took the role, I told Charlie, “Listen. I’m modeling this after you.” And it’s such a great character to aspire to be. You know. It’s such a great character.

Chris Evans Trys to Make Captain America a Positive Role Model

We Need More Captain America Role Models

I have been following along with the Marvels Captain America character ever since it was introduced a few years ago. I remember watching Captain America, and thinking I would mind my children to watch this movie. Even though my girls wouldn’t care to watch any fight sequence or machine gun battles. But, they would love the story line, of a small guy that makes come back at life to help people.

After listening to Chris and his story of Charlie Morris as a Eagle Scout, I understand that Chris to lives by a code of conduct and integrity. I was already a Captain America fan, but now I am fanatic of “Captain America a Positive Role Model”.

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