I am sharing the use of CURAD® products in my family’s life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™.

We are well into summer here in Texas. As usual, our family is spending plenty of time outside, playing, taking walks, and enjoying cooler evenings grilling in the back yard. It can get to over 100˚F here during the day. The sun can be so intense that the pavement and sidewalks heat up and dry out. When the kids are running around or riding their bikes, an accidental fall can result in some pretty bad scrapes and road rashes.

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Curad SoothePLUS Bandages

These are times when a simple adhesive bandage just won’t do. I rely on CURAD’s wound cleaners, protective gels, and Curad SoothePlus Medium Rolled Gauze to take care of these wounds that cover larger areas.

I am able to clean off the dirt and remove any gravel gently, but not without a few tears and sniffles. By the time the scrapes are cleaned up and the gauze is wrapped all the way around the leg, arm, or belly, my little ones are feeling better and are ready to take on the open road once again.

Curad SoothePlus Bandages

What I especially like about the Medium Rolled Gauze is the infusion of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda. This keeps the wound drier and odor free. Road rashes sometimes ooze or drain for a day or two in the Texas summer heat. This isn’t terribly pleasant but it is a part of the healing process.

Curad SoothePlus Bandages

To help this along, I will make sure the rash or scrape is periodically cleaned and wrapped with a fresh piece of SoothePlus gauze around the area to prevent any chance of a bacterial infection. This will keep the rash or scrape protected and comfortable. I also think the girls like it when I play doctor and give them an extra bit of attention.

Curad SoothePlus Bandages

CURAD® has been providing first aid products for both home use and for professional medical facilities for a very long time. We always keep CURAD first aid supplies, such as the SoothePlus Medium Rolled Gauze with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda on hand for cuts, scrapes, rashes, stings, and even for dressing more serious wounds after having visited the doctor or hospital.