DoDD Review Disclosure

Even though all of our children have grown out of strollers and baby gear of the like, our homeschool tutor and our oldest daughter’s friend, is the new mother to a little girl. With all of the new and exciting duties of becoming a parent, one of them is finding the best stroller that not only fits your lifestyle but also is of good quality and will last you throughout your child’s non-walking years. For her family, like many others, the outdoors is a big part of their life.

They love to go hiking and exploring whenever they can but also live in the city and need a stroller that can work in both places. Luckily, they found the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller that not only strides indoors but is also easily converted into an outdoor jogging stroller and definitely stands up to the Graco name.

The three wheeled stroller’s front wheel locks to provide more stability on rockier terrain and the air filled tires give the stroller a better suspension to ensure the smoothest ride for your little one. One of the great features this stroller offers is the peek-a-boo window on the extra-large canopy that allows you to view the baby when pushing the stroller. Being a worried parent that she is, Lark says it’s nice to be able to check on the baby without much of an interruption to her.

One of Lark’s favorite features of this stroller is the one-second, one hand fold, which saves so much of the hassle that other strollers bring. Trying to get an infant into a car is enough work in itself, there is no need to make it any harder with a complicated stroller. With the Click Connect Stroller you grab the red handle, pull up, and the stroller is folded, locked, and even self-standing. Also with the Click Connect system this stroller matches all Click Connect car seats, which gives you more options for your own car seat/stroller combo. It also means that transitioning from the car to the stroller and vice versa is easier than ever, taking less than a minute or two to unclick, move and click in again.

This stroller’s ease of use takes away a lot of the stress of getting out of the house with a newborn. The only downside to the stroller is that all of these great features make it a little bulkier than other strollers and it might not fit into some smaller cars. Although, Lark does have a small four door sedan with a large trunk that fits the stroller fine. The fit really just depends on the trunk capacity of your own car.

I could go on all day with more of the great features this stroller has to offer because Graco knows baby gear and they do it very well. In all this is a great stroller that makes her family’s outdoor lifestyle less stressful and more manageable with a newborn. I’m sure in her future baby gear purchases, she will definitely go to Graco.