Many people depend on travel insurance to help them feel secure in spending large amounts of money on travel and leisure. In general, paying for this type of coverage can help cover your losses if you miss a vacation due to sudden illness, loss of a family member, major weather events, and more. My question is, can I cancel my travel insurance for any reason?

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Can I Cancel My Travel Insurance For Any Reason

The peace of mind is why travelers are willing to spend up to 10% of the total cost of their vacation on these policies. However, the providers of travel insurance have strict guidelines on what they will and will not cover as a way to avoid erroneous payouts. This leads to major gaps in coverage that holders of these plans may not realize exist.

Here are 8 common travel emergencies that are unlikely to be covered by travel insurance.

Medical Emergencies Caused by Sports Activities

Many travelers like to try out new activities on trips, whether skiing, hiking, paragliding, surfing, or other exciting sports. Unfortunately, travel insurance tends to be very strict on covering injuries suffered during these activities.

These injuries as being caused by “dangerous actions,” and therefore refused to protect them.

That lack of coverage doesn’t prevent the need for emergency care, which can lead to travelers spending money they need for lodging or food on treatment. Those in this situation may find relief from short-term loans like payday loans. These can quickly put money in the traveler’s pocket to help cover these emergency expenses.

Payday loans aren’t available in all states, so those looking to use one will need to check their eligibility on GreenStarCash.

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Some Dental Emergencies

Travel insurance policies don’t wholly ignore dental issues — if healthy, previously undamaged teeth are lost or injured in an accident during the travel, they are likely to be covered.

However, if a traveler loses a filling, needs a sudden root canal, or any other number of dental conditions, it is unlikely they will be covered under their travel policy.

Can I Cancel My Travel Insurance For My Medical Conditions

Though it is possible to get a pre-existing condition waiver in some situations, travel insurance policies typically do not cover any losses or treatments associated with a pre-existing medical condition.

As far as travel insurance is concerned, a pre-existing condition is an illness, injury, or medical issue that was diagnosed within the policy’s “look-back period.” Which is usually 30-180 days before the policy coverage begins.

So even if the policy is purchased before the medical diagnosis is issued, there is a chance it still won’t cover the condition and losses incurred thereby.

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover – Ticket Scams

Many travel destinations are filled without tourism booths and ticket sales agencies. Those who use these services need to be extra careful of the validity of their tickets. If they find out they have been duped, travel insurance will typically not cover the cost of these items.

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Lost Reservations and Double-Booked Rooms

This is a travel nightmare that more people encounter than one might think. Most reservations are made and paid for over electronic systems. Which can inevitably lead to situations where information is lost and travelers show up to a hotel to find there is no room waiting for them.

Additionally, during heavy travel seasons hotels are notorious for overbooking rooms with the idea that at least one reservation holder will cancel before the date of arrival. However, when both travelers show up for that room, only one will get the key.

Both situations can leave an entirely family desperately searching for an open reservation in an unfamiliar area. While this may feel like something travel insurance was made for. The majority of policies will not cover lost reservations or overbooked rooms. Instead, they lay the responsibility of reconciliation on the shoulders of the hotel itself.

Damaged Medical Equipment

Lost and destroyed baggage is something that all travel insurance helps cover; however, these policies are extremely particular on the items they will cover and to what dollar amount. Usually, items like glasses, hearing aids, inhalers, and other medical equipment are not covered by these policies.

Even the items that are covered must fit within the coverage cap. So, expensive electronics may be covered, but the reimbursement amount may be well below the total value of the items.

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Does Travel Insurance Not Cover Pregnancy or Childbirth

When my oldest daughter was pregnant a few years ago, we had a trip planned to Big Bear Lake. Something came up with her pregnancy, and I wondered if I can cancel my travel insurance. Pregnant travelers need to be extra wary of travel insurance gaps. They are highly unlikely to cover any medical care as a result of pregnancy or childbirth.

Missed Departures or Security Delays

Travel insurance policies can be a bit misleading because they often say they cover travel delays and cancellations. However, most policies include verbiage that releases them from responsibility if the insured traveler misses the flight due to “their own negligence,” or if the travel is delayed due to unforeseen security issues.