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Which type of headphone wearer are you? Do you prefer over-the-ear headphones or in-ear buds? Whichever type you are, Sony has a set for you!

Sony Noise-canceling Headphones

Sony continues to amaze audiophiles with its incredible lineup of noise- canceling headphones and these two new models are no exception.

Sony True Wireless

Freedom for the in-ear wearer is perfected in a truly wireless design, with these industry-leading noise-canceling Sony headphones.

Form meets function with up to 24 total hours of battery life with quick charging, touchpad controls, premium sound quality, and smart features like Wearing Detection and Quick Attention Mode.

True Wireless with Industry leading noise canceling; For the battery life, 6 hours (with Noise Canceling), 8 hours (without Noise Canceling) per single charge.

Can charge 3 times with charging case, also has quick charge. (10min charge -> 90min playback) ; touch controls including quick attention mode

Sony Incredible Noise Cancellation

The over-the-ear wearer will delight in these EXTRA BASS™ and next-level noise-canceling in a pair of comfortable headphones.

Long-lasting wireless connectivity brings up to 30 hours of battery life, outlasting even the longest travel day. Touchpad controls bring advanced functionality to your music.

Enjoy smartphone connectivity with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant built in.

So, which is it? In or over?

Personally, it depends on what I’m doing, but it I think I usually prefer in-ear. I know some people don’t like the feel of them, but I actually find them pretty comfortable.

These Sony truly wireless noise-canceling earbuds fit well in my ears and deliver big on sound. Both are equally important to me when I’m ready to zone out listening to music.

The fact that they include a convenient charging case that offers up to 24 hours of use per charge makes ideal for traveling or carrying through your day-to-day activities.

But, I can’t discount the bass coming out of the Sony Incredible Noise Cancelation over-the-ear headphones. As an old school child of the 80s and fan of classic rock, bass is paramount!

You can truly experience an immersive acoustic performance with these Sony Extra Bass wireless headphones featuring 40mm drivers that deliver powerful sound.

Stop by your local Best Buy to check out both Sony wireless headphones and see which one works best for your listening ears.