Big Bear Lake is a famous tourist spot in California tourists can visit all-year-round. The scenic city is situated along the serene and magnificent Big Bear Lake and surrounded by the picturesque San Bernardino Mountains.

Big Bear Lake

Useful tips when vacationing to Big Bear Lake

As a prime tourist destination, the municipality offers various facilities and services like public transport, tour guides, Big Bear cabin rentals, and other accommodations.

Spending your vacation in Big Bear Lake alone or with your family and friends is an experience of a lifetime. It’s a family-friendly place with lots of events to attend, beautiful spots to visit, and exciting activities to do.

You can go hiking, mountain biking, off-road driving, kayaking, fishing, skiing, and many more. You can also visit it anytime due to its various year-round offerings.

Big Bear Lake ski

Planning your vacation, especially with your children, can be tasking and may consume lots of your time.

11 Tips for Your Big Bear Lake Vacation

However, having a plan helps ensure a stress- and hassle-free getaway. Here are some useful guides you may consider:

  • Discuss your itinerary with your family and ask them what they want to do to determine the best time to travel.
  • Book your vacation in advance to choose the best schedule and accommodation. You may also save money by taking advantage of promotional offers. If you are traveling with your family, you may look for Big Bear cabin rentals for privacy and comfort. Bringing pets with you? Ask your cabin provider if it is okay.
  • If you’re traveling on a plane, find the cheapest flights to save money. You may book directly with your airline for cheaper fares. You may also consider getting travel insurance to protect you from any eventualities. Also, make sure your passports are still valid.
  • Determine how you will get around in the city. If you are traveling in your car, visiting the various attractions will not be a problem. If not, you may book a rental car or buy transportation passes online to save costs.
  • List the places you want to visit, activities to do, and the popular restaurants you wish to discover. You may get some ideas by searching the web or visiting the city’s tourism website. Be flexible with your itineraries.
  • Make sure you have an extra budget to make room for emergencies and other additional expenses. Don’t forget your debit cards, credit cards, and cash.
  • During your trip, take only the essential things with you. Also, allow your children to pack their essentials to avoid complaining and to teach them how to prepare for travel.
  • Buy space saver bags to minimize your luggage. Also, pack versatile apparel and accessories you can use in all types of weather and events to reduce your belongings. Don’t bring items you can purchase at your destination.
  • When you arrive to Big Bear Lake, find time to visit the local tourism office to learn more about special events and free activities. You may also get discounts on transportation and the attractions you visit.
  • Prioritize the safety of your children. During your vacation, always remind your children about how to stay safe in their activities. Monitor them regularly to avoid any untoward incidents.
  • Have fun!
Big Bear Lake hike

Vacationing at Big Bear Lake is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your bonding time with your family at Big Bear cabin rentals in the city by following these tips.