Who Will Win Over Bachelor Ben This Season

One of the ABC’s greatest show, The Bachelor next season is about to commence accompanied with fascinating events that will definitely make it one of the hipped shows in the current generation. The next season is set to premiere on January 4th with significant changes looming in the casting team. The organizers of the show and the entire ABC fraternity have been on the forefront spending a great deal of time to ensure they prepare something that will leave every viewer yearning for more.

The Bachelor 2016 - Bachelor Ben

The casting team has just become better and sweeter. The cast has been selected from a team of passionate and highly talented individuals who are currently at the peak of their careers. Ben Higgins will be graced as the next bachelor. Higgins has been a fan favorite especially in his show at the Bachelorette where his heart was broken by Kaitlyn Bristowe. His humility and love for the family make him the best man for the next bachelor at the show. He is also not a push over.

Who Will Win Over Bachelor Ben This Season
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Things are just going to get hotter in the next season set to premiere next year. Ben Higgins has an uphill task of navigating through a team of beautiful women in a bid to win their hearts. He got to put his heartbreak behind for the next season and be ready to give love to the 28 beautiful women on the show.

The Bachelor Chris Harrison

What does Chris Harrison have to say about Bachelor Ben?

In a interview with Chris Harrison we talk all things Bachelor. This what Chris have to say about #Bachelor Ben, it was just such a no brainer and it’s nice when you have something that’s such an easy choice. You guys, I mean you as the Bachelor Nation if you watch the Show made that choice for us and we were all kind of 100% in. He’s just such a genine sweet humble good guy but as you see, he also has, um, something that as a Producer, is nice because there is that fragility and there’s that vulnerable side to him, um, where he does have some issues to deal with and some things to get over. And I know, it’s hard to believe with a guy that looks like that, has issues.

But again that goes to show just how hard it is out there and just how brutal it is, you know, I think that’s the wonderful thing about The Bachelor is I think that’s why we can all empathize. It’s why you can relate to what’s going on, and it’s why the franchise I think, has spanned 15 years and now 20 Seasons of just The Bachelor.

Chris, which Season is your favorite and why? And do you prefer The Bachelor or Bachelorette Seasons?

The Bachelor Season 2,  Aaron Burton. ABC was a bit of a House of Fire. Their ratings were terrible the Network was at the end of their lot of Shows. “NYPD Blue” was ending up. 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter, the Belushi Show, George Lopez had a Show, and “Alias” was on. There was a lot of Shows but nothing was doing great. And then “The Bachelor” and we did good, not great but we did good. And then something happened over the Summer, 2002, and when we headed to the Fall Season with Aaron Burdy, it was just the world just exploded. You could not turn on the Television, pick up the New York Times, Time Magazine, not Tabloids like Time Magazine, the New York Times, Sports Illustrated. No matter what you picked up, they were talking about “The Bachelor.”

The Bachelor Chris Harrison Interview

So from all of the Seasons, has there ever been a time when you were just screaming inside and say, No, don’t pick this person?

Yes and No. It’s interesting, I think one obviously with age comes wisdom and obviously, this job is giving me an amazing amount of experience. I don’t have a doctorate in love be should at this point. So I just, life is not so black and white, you know. I think we’ve all lived a life we enjoy. You know, and when you’re young, their age, their age, that’s honestly what makes the Show so good and why these people at this age, makes it such good Television because life isn’t black and white, you know. There’s right, there’s wrong. There’s good, there’s bad, and um, you know, and then you get older and you’re like Nah, there’s a bit of gray area there. And uh, there are times when you want to like say go back to Ashley in Denver.

Or even Ben, you know. Ben and Courtney is a good example because I think a lot of people were screaming Courtney’s terrible, she’s evil, she’s bad for you, whatever. Like you know, I have kids, I have 2 kids. And what’s the first thing, you’re like, this stove’s hot, don’t touch it. That’s the way it is for Humans.


Whether Ben’s tub will be filled with several hot ladies or one special lady, who would have caught his eye is all in the next season. Tune into ABCTVEvent for all the drama.