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1 in one hundred million

My Momma always taught me to respect others and treat people how I wanted to be treated. For instance with the elderly or disabled I always look for an opportunity help or support them. It always seems that the kindest of gestures go along way. Another group of people I have the up most respect for are the men and women that serves in our nation’s military. Like Major William Saint of the 62nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team for the Louisiana National Guard.

After serving as a platoon leader in Iraq, this father of four came home to keep the American public safe from hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction.

Who is Major William Saint

I love hearing stories like Major Saint, the passion he has for his job and family really resonate with some of the hard working Americans.

  • He serves on active duty for the National Guard. His full time job is as a member of the 62nd CST (Civil Support Team). His team focuses on Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil, investigating and securing at-risk areas across the US.
  • Snapshot: Family man, lives in Baton Rouge, LA
  • 4 happy kids
  • He is the former director of family programs for the National Guard
  • He works on a 23 member team that investigates and scans for biological chemicals in spills or suspected terrorist events.
  • Their job is to make sure we are safe in daily life and especially as we celebrate and gather at large events and for holidays such as Memorial Day.
  • His team has been to the Super Bowl, the Indie 500, and other major events

How do you feel after watching Major William Saint video? Do you feel he is the real deal when comes to hard work and dedication to what he does?

Would you like to be a 1in100million?

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