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Chey and Nic 2015

I am not sure if I mentioned that my oldest daughter is getting married later this year. Yep, Cheyenne and Nic are getting married this August 15th. Now a normal dad would be nerves that their once little girl is growing up and moving on with her life…and that is me. Secretly I am super sad that my oldest daughter growing up to as young women. But, I couldn’t ask for anything else, they are happy together, Nic is a great young guy, that not only loves my daughter, but my whole family.

Dads Don’t Plan Weddings

Since Chey and Nic got engaged we have slowly started planning for the wedding. Well I say “we”, not me, I let the ladies do the wedding planning. With the help of moms, and friends Cheyenne has secured venue, cake, photographer, videographer, and other items. So this dad wanted to help some way, other than just by opening the wallet.

So I have decided to help! I am going to help both Cheyenne and Nic by with their gift registry. I  am planning on going to the best store on planet earth to register for gifts, Best Buy.

Best Buy Wedding Registry

Best Buy Offers Wedding Registry

In the coming weeks I going to help with the wedding. I am going to send the two love birds on a little date night, and send them over to Best Buy to do a little wishful shopping.

With a Best Buy Wedding Registry, they give you more reasons to celebrate your wedding day. Best Buy strives to make your registry process as fun and easy as possible. Start with the wedding registry checklist and then get inspired by our curated lists for every room. And whether you’re hosting at home or traveling the globe, we have wedding registry recommendations for your lifestyle together.

Hopefully, when they are done, they will feel accomplished and can check that wedding registry check box. And me, Dad, will feel like I did something!

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What do you think, would you send a friends or family member to register at Best Buys Wedding Registry?