Finding the right Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones is not always an easy task, but you can’t really go wrong with personalized gifts. Whether they are active and outdoorsy or relaxed homebodies, a fun set of his and hers gifts is always a good idea for a Christmas present.

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From funny shirts to elegant pearls, there is a plethora of ideas out there to choose from and we’ve selected our top choices.

Birthstone Jewelry

For the fashionable couple in your life, personalized birthstone jewelry is the way to go. Birthstones are natural gems, associated with each month and each with its own meanings and properties. From colorful drop earrings to classic bracelets and more, there are plenty of stylish pieces out there to choose from. Besides being a thoughtful gift for him and her, birthstone jewelry is personal and symbolic, which makes it more meaningful for the receiver. You could opt for an elegant pair of birthstone cufflinks for him and a chic pair of birthstone earrings for her, and have the pieces engraved with each person’s initials.

His and Hers Wine Glasses

For the couple who enjoys a glass of good wine every once in a while, a personalized set of wine glasses is the way to go. Choose a design that suits his and her personalities and you’ve got yourself a unique Christmas gift.

Besides being ideal for sipping wine in style, the personalized wine glasseswould make for a great conversation starter at any house party.

Couple’s T-Shirts

Probably the most popular his and hers gifts out there, this option comes with endless design possibilities. Easy to find and personalize, the couple’s t-shirt set is an appropriate Christmas gift for anyone, as long as you choose the right message. Whether you go for the classic Mr. and Mrs. or prefer a more unique alternative with a goofy print and funny message, you can’t really go wrong with this type of gift. Plus, if the giftees are not big fans of wearing the personalized t-shirts together, they can always wear them separately, so they basically each get a cool Christmas look.

Monogrammed Bathrobes

Everybody loves being comfy when they are relaxing at home, so gift your friends a matching set of fluffy monogrammed bathrobes for Christmas. This practical his and hers gift would make for a great present for your mom and dad, your sister and her husband, or for anyone who loves comfort. And we guarantee that these super-soft robes will quickly become their favorite home wear item.

His and Hers Coffee Tumblers

We all have that friend who loves coffee and always seems to have a warm latte with them wherever they go. Or maybe you know a couple who can’t start their day before having coffee together in the morning. For them, a personalized set of his and hers coffee tumblers would be the ideal Christmas present. This gift is a very practical one as your friends will be able to sip their coffee in style each day, even on the go. Plus, having the gift personalized will ensure that they will never mix their coffee tumblers ever again.

Passport Wallets

If your friends love to travel together, they would probably love to receive stylish passport holders for Christmas. Choose fun colors and have them personalized with each of their names. Add a fun message which is meaningful to them, and you’ve got yourself a great gift. Ideal for both him and her, this gift is both practical and can double as a great picture prop on their next vacation.  

His and Hers Aprons

For the foodie couple who loves to cook together, a matching set of aprons will ensure that they will continue spending time in the kitchen together. Let your imagination run wild and opt for a cool design with a funny message, or you can go for the classic “his” and “hers” option.

Whatever you choose, your giftees will for sure appreciate their unique gifts.  

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