As a parent, you may find that a lot of your time is taken up being Mom or Dad. This can leave you very little opportunity to think about yourself. In turn, your house may have been overwhelmed by toys, gadgets, and items that your children need.

how to personalize your bedroom

Choose the Furniture That Reflects Your Style

Having children often means you have to make practical choices when it comes to furniture. However, your bedroom should be a space that reflects your own personal style. If possible, choose furniture pieces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to you. This could mean investing in a beautiful dresser or nightstand that adds some personality and charm to the room.

And since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, picking the right frame can make a huge difference in the overall look of the room. Thankfully, there are many options to consider, from a sleek and modern platform bed, or a more traditional queen bed frame with intricate designs. Whichever you choose, make sure it is something that speaks to your individual taste and style.

Personalize Your Bedroom

However, you may want to reclaim some of your identity when it comes to your bedroom. Having your own personal space can be good for relaxation, and to help you decompress from any stresses of the day.

Read on to discover more about personalizing your bedroom as a parent. 

Wall art

Depending on the ages of your children, you may not have much opportunity to spend time as a couple or partake in the things you used to enjoy. You may have wall art all over your home, from pictures of your children to the art they have done at school. Yet, your bedroom is your place to be yourselves. This could mean showcasing some of your favorite photo prints of things outside of parenthood, whether that be your wedding day or even images from a vacation you took before your children were born. While you may be proud of the little people you’re raising, it is also important to have mementoes from your life prior to their existence.

Be minimalistic

To create a calming aura, you might want to try and have less within your bedroom. Utilizing storage facilities throughout the house, as well as closets and under-bed space in your room, can help to stop items from being left everywhere. Too much clutter can make a room look somewhat stressful, as well as make it more difficult to clean and tidy. On the contrary, having a smaller number of items, placed tastefully, may help to create a space that feels relaxing and sophisticated, no matter the state of the rest of your home! Where possible, if an item doesn’t have a significant use or attachment, it may be best banished to another part of the house, or removed entirely.

Set boundaries

The majority of your home may be designed to be shared by all of its inhabitants. However, bedrooms might be off-limits. Younger children may need to be taught that they cannot simply do as they please, while older children may want to bear in mind that they need to respect other people’s space if they want that respect shown in turn to them. 

Setting boundaries for when children are allowed in your bedroom, as well as knocking and waiting to be told they can come in, can help you to have a bit more privacy. This can allow you to have time to yourself as well as have some level of warning during intimate moments. You may also want to make it clear that toys and other possessions shouldn’t be left in your personal space.

A bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep and change clothes. It may also be used to inject a bit of your own personality, outside of parenthood, into your life. 

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