A stylish and elegant entryway introduces your home’s persona, welcomes your guests, and sets the mood for the other rooms. Whether the first impression is your front door or a foyer, it should exude calm, order and excitement.

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7 Entryway Design Tips

Ensure it’s stylish and beautiful, oozing your sense of personal style and décor to create that first and long-lasting impression.

How you design your entryway, above all else, is guided by the space that you have. With a few solicitous touches here and there, you can transform this space to turn your home into a stylish and inviting one. Read on to learn how.

1.    Focus on the door

Mostly, the first thing you will notice in a home is the door. Getting the right design, material, and color of the door is as important as considering the door’s practical needs. You can accentuate it with engravings and ornaments like a door knocker or go bold with the color.

Bright painted doors are eye-catching, while earthy tones will blend in with various design philosophies that offer you timeless charm. The idea here is to create that inviting aura, and Door Plus has all the door varieties you might need.

2.    Use mirrors

Whether you have large or small wall space, mirrors will give your wall and the entire room a significant transformation. Mirrors reflect light into a room and make spaces appear larger than they really are. The mirror’s size and shape should serve your functionality. This can either be to reflect your favorite views in the house, reflect more natural light in, or to help in giving you that final look as you walk out of your home.

3.    Lay a doormat/rug

Rugs and mats define the entryway area, protect the busy entryway floor, and permeate warmth and color into a room. Ensure that the rug is of good quality to be able to withstand frequent cleaning and movements. The texture and the shape should complement the length of your entryway area and the style of the entire house.

4.    Offer a stylish bench

The entryway should give an impression of welcome and comfort. Ensure that you have a chair or a stylish bench where one can sit to slide off or on shoes. This can also help offer comfort and relaxation as may be needed. Ensure the bench is of good quality and easy to clean since it is used frequently. Find a stylish, flexible modern bench with in-built storage to help declutter your entryway.

5.     Have good lighting

Most entryways have poor lighting. You can have a good chandelier, knotted lamp, or table lamps installed to light up the room. Consider painting your ceiling with striking colors for more light reflection as well as to keep your guest marveled and entertained with other architectural designs. You might also consider using more mirrors to reflect more light into the room.

6.    Focus on the walls

For your home to feel inviting, the shade of color on the walls should reflect just that. Above all, go with a color that you love. Besides the paint color, you can also add texture to your walls by either paneling or installing beautiful wallpaper. Consider displaying a curated collection too for that personal touch to the room.

7.    Have some organized storage

Ensure the entryway offers some stylish storage for you and your guest stuff. Baskets are an easy way to keep the room organized as they provide ample storage space while adding a touch of style. These can also be placed under the seat or a console to create more space. Also, have some hooks in the room for hanging coats and umbrellas, helping keep the entryway decluttered and organized. Having a stylish console with drawers where you can store mail and keys is a perfect idea too.


Your home serves as an extension of yourself, so make the best of what you have to create a lasting impression. Remember that the stylish ideas and decorative pieces you incorporate in this area should not obstruct your entryway, as the idea here is to exude beauty and comfort.