What does a man need to have a more refined and masculine look? In this article, you will learn about the importance of dressing up, how to dress well for your body shape, what type of shoes you should wear with different types of outfits, and much more.

Wearing a suit and tie is the best way to look more manly. You can wear any color shirt or pants if you want to have an elegant style. Just wearing black leather shoes with formal clothes is enough for making yourself great-looking.  
Top view of black and brown pairs of leather shoes on wooden floor

How To Have A More Manly Look

If you’re ready to take your style from drab to fab then keep reading!

Pocket knife

A pocket knife is one of the most important pieces of men’s style – it’s a must-have. This timeless piece can be used for countless daily tasks and will last your whole life with proper care. If you’re in need of purchasing a new knife, then make sure to check out our article on how to choose the right type. For the beginning, maybe it’s best to choose a pocket knife that is featherweight because its weight is very light and it’s easy to carry in your pocket. Also, you’d better choose a pocket knife that is small in size because it can fit into your jeans pocket.

Wear a suit and a tie

Wearing a suit and tie is the best way to look more manly. You can wear any color shirt or pants if you want to have an elegant style. Just wearing black leather shoes with formal clothes is enough for making yourself great-looking. Tie matching could be a problem but you can find a lot of information on the internet and to get more ideas just visit your friend’s house. When you choose a proper suit and tie, it can give you a different classy impression. If you want to look more professional just wear a grey suit with black shoes and if you want to look more formal choose a red shirt or a blue colored one is also fine.

Choose your clothes with the intention

Don’t just purchase anything that’s on sale or in your size, make sure it will look great once you wear it! Think about what occasion the clothing is for and how often you’ll be able to wear this piece. Also, take into consideration what season it is when buying clothes so the pieces can last longer than one year (or even a month).

Once again, choosing items with purpose rather than purchasing whatever happens to catch your eye could give a huge boost in appearance without costing too much. The next time when you go shopping give it a try and you will be the one who is able to make your style more masculine.

Don’t be afraid to wear color

Wearing colors can give you a crisp, clean look and won’t make you appear fussy. Just remember that the darker hues are more formal than lighter ones so if you want to wear something casual then choose brighter hues like yellow or red as they will help reflect some light off your skin tone. In your journey to achieving a more manly and refined look, it’s essential to tap into techniques that can help you increase masculine energy. This isn’t just about appearances; it’s about embracing qualities like confidence, decisiveness, and leadership often associated with masculinity. By authentically adopting these traits, you not only enhance your external image but also add depth and authenticity to your refined persona. These changes can significantly impact how others perceive you, contributing to your desired image of a manly and refined individual.

Wearing dark clothes with bright colored neckties is not recommended because it will make people think about black tie events rather than business meetings where everyone must wear suits and ties. There’s nothing wrong with wearing those bolder pieces occasionally but keep in mind what occasion the clothing is for before purchasing anything new.

Dress up for formal events

Formal events are the best time to wear a suit and tie because they can make you look more elegant. If you’re going for an interview, then wearing suits with a solid color shirt is appropriate but if you want to attend a business meeting where everyone must dress nicely, then remember that dark colors like blue or grey will be perfect while brown-colored clothes tend to fade into the background so try not to choose them as your main pieces.

Keep your hair neat and trimmed at all times 

Keeping your hair neat and trimmed at all times is the best way to look more elegant. If you want a new hairstyle, then visit a barber or salon where they can give you a new fresh haircut every time of year. The haircut is your first step to making your style more manly so make sure you will choose the right one.

To keep up with the latest fashion or trend, try visiting a barber for a new haircut once every week because it’s not only about keeping yourself neat but also adding some stylish look into your appearance which can help you stand out from all of the other people that attend formal events like job interviews and business meetings where everyone has to dress nicely. Don’t wait until someone tells you that something needs improvement in your hair as this may be too late then.

If you’re looking to take your manly style up a notch, then try some of these tips! We hope that you will make your style more refined after reading this article. These small changes will make a big difference in how people perceive you.