Disclosure: I received 3DR SOLO Drone from Best Buy in exchange for this Gifts for Fathers Day blog post. All opinions are my own.

What is a Drone (Really)? You have to think not only what a drone is, but what the point of Gifts for Fathers Day as well. Mothers get presents on Mother’s day, and while tastes are different, mothers receive gifts they like (clothing, chocolate, and jewelry to name the most common). Father’s day is not just about giving your father a chance to see your appreciation, but it is about giving him a chance to have fun.

3DR SOLO Drone at Best Buy

Forget the Typical Gifts for Fathers Day – Get him a Drone

Still a Kid at Heart
One of the top things your father can do is be a kid. When most men were little boys they played with models, toys, and dreamed of having fun when it comes to actually using their imagination and relaxing. You can relive your childhood with a drone and you can get the chance to act like a kid again. From the drone racing leagues that are starting to come out to the opportunities of just zipping it around in the sky, drones are a real toy for adults to be able to get out and play like they were kids again.


Chance to Learn Something New
For adults that are stuck in the mundane tasks of seeing the same job day after day, month after month, and year after year, having the chance to learn something new can be fun and exciting. Not only is there a learning curve to a drone, but even when you get the hang of it you can continue to pick up new tricks and keep having more fun. If it becomes a hobby or even something more then you could literally change his world and give him something new and fun to be a part of.

Hook Up Your Cell Phone
When you think about the possibility of being able to live stream and even record, you can connect your phone through a drone (or get some other sort of camera) and be able to view everything from the sky. There are some individuals who play with drones as if they are a pilot, and if you can get the appropriate headset then you can literally view the drone like you are one with the sky.

3DR SOLO Drone at Best Buy - Gifts for Fathers Day

Find Great Camping, Hunting, or General Outdoor Spaces and Places
Whether you happen to be a hunter, outdoors person, or just want to get out and see what nature has to offer, you can immediately be able to get out in the wild and see where you should go with a drone. By having an eye in the sky you can literally get up above the trees and see if you should head to a specific spot that no one else is at or even knows about.

When you consider all of the potential Fathers Day gifts you could give to your father, you have to think about wowing them. Even though fathers and husbands usually make great sacrifices, they aren’t always given the thanks and appreciation they deserve. That is the one reason why it is important to show them how thankful you are when you do get the chance. One of the best possible options and the best buy for you is to accomplish this for your next Father’s Day is with a 3DR Solo drone. The gift that keeps on giving is a perfect fit for any father and it is a wonderful way to show you care enough to give him the opportunity to go out and create his own adventures.