Card games have been around for quite some time now, and they only get popular by the day. Today, one of the most popular card games you will find in the market is Pokémon TCG. As a beginner in this game, there are several items you need to invest in before starting. 

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What is Pokémon TCG

The items are the ones that ensure the game is efficient and you can make the most out of the game. You need to know these items if you will get any fun and excitement out of the game. Here are a few items to invest in to get started with Pokémon TCG. 

Theme Decks

The first thing you need to invest in is theme decks. These are around 60 pre-constructed card decks and they are based on particular Pokémon. You can choose between the much-beloved Charizard among others you can find in the market. 

These decks are the ones you will be playing within most games; you need to look to have them first. You will, of course, collect more as you move on with your games. The theme decks, in some cases, come with damage counters. 

Rule Sheet and Playmat

The next thing you need to get is the rule sheet; you will have a more challenging time playing if you don’t have this. Knowing the rules will ensure you get to learn more about the game while being good practice. You don’t want to have opponents constantly remind you of the rules. 

Each of the game chapters has different rules; getting rule sheets for each makes your life easier as a beginner. It would help if you also got playmats as a beginner. These mats have several concepts on how they help the game. 

First, they tend to set the theme for the game in most cases. They also work well to cover the play area so that nothing gets misplaced during the game. The mat is also a part of valuable collectibles that any serious TCG will love to have. 


You need to get card sleeves if you are to keep your cards from damage. The cards, on their own, can easily damage, and you don’t want to play such cards. Most of the cards are collectibles, and you can’t have such cards destroyed for any reason. 

These aren’t the regular sleeves you see each day; they are made with different designs to fit the card. You even have options for custom-made card sleeves if you wish and they have different 3D imaging options – you will style them how you want. 

Trainer’s Toolkit

If you are looking to build your deck from the ground up, you need this kit. As stated, this is a trainer’s tool kit – it’s a perfect move for beginners. You get around dozens of trainer cards in the kit and even more energy cards – 100 or more. 

You then get around four booster packs inside the kit. Generally, the kit can help you build a robust deck for any beginner, and you won’t be out of depth anywhere you play. You also have the deck builder’s guide in the pack. This is particularly helpful to building the deck. 

Code Card

Several things are moving to the online scene, and Pokémon TCG isn’t any different. You can also play this online if you wish to – and want an even more engaging game. But before you can move to the online scene, you need to have a code card. 

If you are going to play your deck online, the code card is essential to get you in tournaments. 

Card Checklist

It is good to know the cards you have on your deck, pro or beginner. Having a checklist will make it easy to know what you have and what you don’t. It will then be much easier to keep up with the cards in your deck. 

And these cards will be plenty at some point; keeping track of them early enough should be a great idea. 

Deck Box

Your cards will need to be safe when you are moving around with them to different tournaments. With deck boxes, you will have the assurance that your cards will be secure on transit. If you can get the locker boxes, the better off you will be – they are expensive, though. 

When you are getting into Pokémon TCG, you need to have all the above to start the game on the right foot. Other aspects of the game can be built upon quickly in the future, though. If you invest in the above, you will have a better chance of enjoying the game more.