With the end of summer fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about chores that were pushed aside because of vacations and gatherings with family and friends.

Black & Decker 24 Broom

One of the biggest chores people face in the fall is sweeping up indoor and outdoor accumulations, such as dust, dirt and rocks. Depending on the location, people also have a lot of leaves and storm debris to bag.

Black & Decker Broom for Those Big Task

The Black & Decker 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Broom, available in an exterior color that matches the season, is perfect for these chores.

Black & Decker 24 Broom

It’s difficult to find a more durable and efficient broom for use inside or outside of a home or office building. The 24-inch mixed-bristled brush head is attached to a steel support brace and pole. The soft and hard bristles on the head are specially designed to provide the easiest movement of different sizes of debris while sweeping. The soft bristles drag dust and other small particles while the hard bristles drag the rest.

Unlike poorly designed brooms that allow the brush to unscrew from the handle during use, this broom features a ratchet-lock design. Comfortable foam allows anyone who uses the broom to maintain a firm grip with or without gloves.

Features + Benefits

  • Clic ‘N Loc™ ratchet system keeps handle from loosening.
  • Steel support brace provides control by minimizing the pitch of the broom head.
  • Natural palmyra bristles help to move tough dirt and debris.
  • Steel pole for durability and long life.
  • Soft grip handle provides comfortable and secure grip.