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As a family we have had a fondness to animals and the companionship they offer. We don’t have any furry friends in our house right now, but Cheyenne has two little dogs, plus my in-laws have a few critters running around.

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American Worker Video Series

What does it take to be a professional alligator wrangler? Find out in this episode of 1 in One Hundred Million, where cool-as-a-cucumber Royce McMullen gives us a glimpse into his work at a world-renowned alligator ranching program. View more at www.1in100million.com

Meet Royce McMullen

We may like our fair share of critters, like Gator Wrangler Royce McMullen from Louisiana. Royce is a Alligator Wrangler/Conservationist at Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery in Covington, LA (where he currently lives). A world-renowned alligator ranching program directed by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, the farm was developed to conserve the American Alligator species and preserve the Louisiana wetlands.


The facility is a working alligator ranch, home to more than 2,000 gators, which can grow up to four feet in length before being released back into the wild. Royce and his team collect approximately 1,500 eggs throughout July, carefully removing them from their nests to be hatched and protected at the ranch.

Royce leads educational tours that give visitors (ranging from local school children to foreign tourists) a close-up look at the American Alligator, and a better understanding of the history and life-cycle of North America’s largest reptile.

In addition to his educational and conservation work, Royce McMullen is also a Sargent actively involved in the National Guard. He is what is called a traditional Guardsman – he drills one weekend a month and two weeks a year as a member of the 2225th Multi-Role Bridge Company. Deployed twice: Iraq and Afghanistan. His company built bridges. 31 years old, family man. Soft-spoken, charming. Loves being in the outdoors. Claims his wife’s job taking care of the kids is much harder than his.

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