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Personal Injury Claim

However, life can always take a turn for the worst, and injuries might derail plans. Although an unsavory thought, understanding the broad idea about the subsequent restitution process might ease some financial discomforts. 

If you or a loved one have sustained injuries, consult Augusta, GA personal injury lawyer to help you through the legal process. Based on factors such as the severity of your injuries, you may receive financial compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, temporary disability, and even pain and suffering.

The initial consultation with your personal injury lawyer is the first step in filing your lawsuit. The following is a rundown of four things to expect during this first meeting.

1. A Formal Introduction

The personal injury lawyer will tell you about their background, i.e., credentials and work experience. The lawyer will emphasize their experience handling cases similar to yours, how long they have been practicing, and their success rate. 

This information is critical in informing whether or not the lawyer is the right match for your personal injury claim. You will also hear about the lawyer’s policy regarding attorney-client privilege.

Feel free to ask any questions. It is better to fully understand the lawyer’s background, as it will build trust and help you gain confidence that they can provide effective representation.

2. Case Review

After creating a rapport, the lawyer will discuss your case in detail. Do your best to be precise and provide as many details as possible regarding your accident’s when, how, and where.

Additionally, your lawyer will request evidence and documents to support your claim. These include police reports and copies of witness statements. The lawyer will also look at your automobile insurance policy to determine what coverage you have purchased and relevant correspondence with your auto insurer.

The lawyer will also want to review your medical report indicating sustained injuries and medical bills. Other documents your lawyer will need to build your case are records of lost wages and missed work days.

3. Walk-Through of the Next Steps

After carefully reviewing your case, the lawyer will tell you whether or not you have a valid claim. Then they will walk you through the legal process and everything you should know going forward with the case. This includes the stages of filing a claim, the statute of limitation, and the evidence required for the best outcome.

Also, your lawyer will take a microscopic look and determine if there are any weaknesses in your case. For example, if you are partly liable for an accident, your lawyer will tell you whether your state applies contributory or comparative negligence laws.

Similarly, if your case involves an insurance company, your attorney will highlight your policy limits and tell you what may cause delays or complications with the settlement process. The lawyer will explain what may cause your claim to advance into a lawsuit.

4. Discussing Payment and Contract Signing

Payment is the next topic of discussion once you agree to engage the lawyer for your personal injury case. The lawyer will outline their billing process. Most lawyers’ payment of legal fees is contingent, and they’ll get a percentage of the compensation amount.

Other lawyers charge a fixed or hourly rate. The lawyer will also share charges for services such as conducting investigations and ordering records. Feel free to ask any questions about how much a lawyer costs to avoid misunderstandings.

Signing documents is the last step of your initial meeting with a personal injury lawyer. You must sign a retainer or representation agreement, giving the lawyer mandate as your official counsel. You may also need to sign releases for documents. Once signed, the lawyer has the mandate and permission to access details and documents essential to your case, such as medical records.

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