The phrase “domestic goddess” is often applied to women who do a lot of work in the home. They make delicious meals, keep the house ship shape and running smoothly and take great pride in their homes.

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But what about the dads? Domestic dads are still not as common as domestic moms, but that stereotype is changing daily. Stay-at-home or domestic dads who like to fix things, potter around the house and keep a home running well deserve as much recognition as their female counterparts and ways to take time out for themselves.

If your dad is a domestic person not given to spending a lot of time out and about, an online game would be the perfect gift for him to enjoy for Father’s Day, a birthday or just because. These are our favorite games for domestic dads.

Powerwash Simulator

Okay, we know how this sounds, but hear us out. One of the most satisfying sights in the world is that of a filthy, grimy or even moss and mold-covered surface being power-sprayed sparkling clean. We can’t explain why this makes us so happy, but it does! And if your dad likes to clean, there’s no doubt that it’ll leave him beaming from ear to ear. The game’s entire premise is that you get to go around the game world and power-wash filthy things until they’re back to their gleaming, sparkly original best. That’s all, and it’s so, so good.

Online Poker

Your dad is a homebody, so there’s no way he’s getting his sport coat and good shoes on to head down to a brick-and-mortar casino after a full week of work at home. Online Poker is the perfect game for him to play on the weekends. If he wants to stay in his slippers and cozy clothes, no one will object because there’s no one there to see him! Playing online poker means having a little gambling fun but staying in your own environment and being as relaxed as possible. There are 12 different types of poker out there to choose from and many subcategories within those, so it’s not a game that will get old fast. He can also find free online tutorials to help him become the poker master he always dreamed of without ever setting foot outside his front door.

Civilization VI

If your pops is a homebody, it’s a sure bet that he watches a fair amount of TV and almost definitely the History Channel. It’s a dad thing! If he enjoys learning about history and understanding the generations that came before us, he should try out a game called Civilization VI. In this game, he can apply all the strategies he learned from watching his war documentaries to build cities and keep them safe from harm. You can expand your territories and build up a culture that will be worthy of a place in the history books, all from the couch.

The Last of Us Part 1

By now, most people, even those who aren’t avid gamers, have a good idea of the storyline that The Last Of Us follows. Now both a famous show and a game, it’s a heartbreaking story of the trials of a father, Joel, who loses his daughter to a zombie-fungus outbreak and makes his way through a crumbling world until fate causes his path to cross with a girl who would become like his second daughter. There’s very little chance that a loving dad wouldn’t feel his heartstrings tugged by this story, and since the game is even longer and more intricate than the series was, there’s no reason he wouldn’t want to play it!

Cooking Simulator

If your dad considers the kitchen his domain and loves to create meals for the family regularly, this next one will be right up his alley. What do you do if you want to get even better at something you love? You practice! The Cooking Simulator game we’ve found for Chef Dad will allow him to step into a large and well-stocked kitchen and try his hand at new dishes and techniques without any actual mess to clean up. Select your ingredients from a large fridge and pantry, choose your tools from an excellent selection of cutlery and crockery, and get to work.

Gran Turismo 7

If your dad regularly watches shows like Top Gear and gets misty eyes over the gorgeous, growling vehicles that grace the screen, then Gran Turismo 7 is going to be his perfect match. Though he likes to spend his time indoors, that’s not to say that your father doesn’t dream of driving the newest, shiniest and fastest cars out there! Gran Turismo will allow him to live out his speed freak daydreams from the safety of home and at a far lower cost.

Wrap Up

Your domestic dad is a lucky man if he gets to play any of these games. Better still, get two controllers and set aside a little time to spend with your pops playing a game just because you love him.