The world of sports has many important events, tournaments, and matchups that take place throughout each calendar year. In professional basketball, it’s the NBA Finals, in football the annual Super Bowl, and in golf, it’s the Masters Tournament.

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How to – Masters Tournament

Held each year for a week at the beginning of April in the south-eastern city of Augusta. The Masters is golf’s most anticipated performance and people from all over the country flock to view it live each spring.

As golf is a common hobby and sport followed by many, the Masters may definitely be at the top of your wish list for important athletic events to attend.

Even though the 2021 US Masters Winner Betting Odds are still predicting who this year’s champion will be. Getting the chance to see the final victor live in that special Green Jacket is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you’re looking forward to one day attend this historic tournament or already have your ticket for this April. Check out below some must-know knowledge every prospective attendee should have up their sleeve.

Arrive early, arrive early, arrive early!

Since it’s one of sports most notable events, it’s clear that the Masters Tournament is normally a sold out ticket filled with a packed audience of thousands. The number 1 tip for anyone planning to attend the Augusta-based tournament for the first time. Is to get to the course hours early to set up your chair and ensure your spot.

Afterwards, you can walk around the immaculate green lawn and enjoy the scenery stress-free.

Since you may only attend once, it’s worth it to wake up a bit earlier rather than hurriedly arriving in a bout of stress without knowing if you’ll have a comfortable spot to watch the action. The same goes for the souvenir tent! Be sure to beat the crowds if you want to purchase a keepsake to remember the incredible event for years to come.

Between 90 and 100 professional golfers compete for the chance to with the Master’s famous “Green Jacket”

Make sure you’re away of proper Masters etiquette

A typical Masters tournament audience holds as many as 50,000, so with so many people there’s no doubt that there are some specific rules to be followed during the viewing experience. One of the most important is to limit noise and distractions made by you or your group.

Since golf is a quiet, calm sport, excessive and unnecessary sounds can be highly disturbing for both guests and players. In the same way, cameras are prohibited during gameplay as bright photography flashes can throw off gameplay.

When it comes to dress code, a general rule of thumb is to choose clothing that exudes style, but is also comfortable at the same time. Since you’ll be walking around for most of the day. The perfect pair of supportive shoes will make a huge difference at the end of a long match.

For golfers, big trends in the industry last year included fashion that is functional for gameplay. This means dry fit shirts with pockets in all the right places. However, as a guest, if you’re still unsure what to wear check out this helpful Masters apparel guide here.

In addition, be prepared for any change of weather by packing umbrellas, wind breakers, and ponchos into your suitcase. After all, spring weather in Georgia can be quite unpredictable.

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The best accommodation options aren’t in Augusta

Although the famous tournament takes place in Augusta, the best places to find accommodations are definitely outside of the city. The week of April 5th kicks off with thousands vying for the best hotels located as close to the lawn as possible.

However, an insider tip is that Augusta’s accommodations during the Masters Tournament are normally extremely overpriced. Better options yield themselves in places east of the city like Athens or Milledgeville, Georgia.

These quaint towns offer more economically friendly accommodations while still being less than 1 hour and a half away by car. Colombia, South Carolina is another great option for those who want to enjoy the tournament during the day but stay away from the buzz of Augusta at night.

Just keep in mind you’ll have to wake up bright and early to beat that Masters Tournament traffic coming in from all corners of the state.