Basis Workout Tracker

When it comes to a person’s overall heath, there are 3 things that are equally as important. The first one boils down to eating properly. The other two involve fitness and sleep. It’s a well-known fact that those who do not get enough sleep end up not performing at their most optimum. This happens a lot with those in the athletic world. These two elements are exactly what brings us all here today.

Basis Fitness and Sleep Tracker

It’s an all-in-one fitness tracker. A few years back the Intel was one of the first creations that combined both of these elements. The only difference is that “Peak” includes both old and new technologies. Basis Peak includes everything from the fitness tracker to the heart-rate monitoring. It also includes everything in between. Why waste your time explaining it all in detail. Allow us to show you some examples of how Peak has taken everything with fitness and sleep to the next level and beyond.

Basis Fitness and Sleep Tracker

1)This technology tracks everything when you are sleeping and performing. It will keep track of everything. It will keep track of the beats when you run and/or walk. It will keep track of what you are doing when you are sleeping. This means it will count every time you fall into light sleep and REM sleep. It will keep track of when you wake up and when you toss and turn. By keeping track of all this, you will get an idea of what your habits are.

Most of have no idea of what are sleep patterns are. The monitor will record it all. It will even record if some of us happen to walk in our sleep. It’s going to do it all. This way you will have some idea as to whether or not you are actually getting a proper night’s sleep.

Same thing with the fitness routine. It’s going to keep track of the miles and our behavior before, during and after. The point of is to make sure we are getting the proper amount of exercise. Sometimes we convince ourselves we are getting the proper amount, and all because our minds have convinced us we are. Peak will actually put these theories to the test. It will show what needs to be adjusted and what does not.

Basis Fitness and Sleep Tracker

2)There is also a smartwatch feature attached to this design. It will alert you of an important incoming messages and calls, even if you are out running with a friend. Some of you might have noticed this feature on the Intel one. Well, Peak is taking it to the next level. There is a new design. There is a new technology involved with this one. Think of it as the original version, but with all the bugs worked out of it.

3)The Healthy Habits System–This is actually one of the brand new features. This technological element will give the user tips on how to improve their lifestyle. It will take what you are already doing and work on ways to improve what you are doing. It will include tips on how to exercise better. It will include tips on getting a better night’s sleep. It will include tips on how to eat properly. You might have noticed this the last time; but again, it take it all to the next level.

Basis Peak App Screenshot

How much does something like this cost?

It’s not that expensive actually. It retails for around $200.00. With all the extras and features you get with the Peak, it’s worth the price you pay. Please click on the link below for details on how to get your hands on one of these babies. Better hurry. With a promotion like this, they will not last long.