Disclosure: Disney provided me with an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to attend the red carpet premiere of Planes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Disney Planes

Disney Planes

Everyone enjoys a good heart-warming story like the one of “Dusty,” the crop duster from Propwash Junction. Dusty is a pretty good little guy. And by “little, I mean he is little compared to the big dreams he has. This smelly, single prop, crop dusting bandit wants to one day join the best of the best planes to race around the world. Disney Planes is a spectacular story of how the small are not always counted out in the end. Dusty is one determined little dude that has a huge heart all within a small two-seater cock pit.

Disney Planes friends

5 Winning Characteristics of Dusty

Friendship – One of the best things I liked about Dusty Crophopper was the way he valued his friendships. Whether the relationship is with someone he has just befriended or a longtime close friend… he gets friendships. Children need to see good relationships modeled out in front of them.

Planes Skipper

Respect – Dusty is not one that demands respect. In fact, he seems to be quite the opposite. It takes a certain understanding when you know how to respect someone else. He has this type of relationship with his teacher and willingly gives Skipper the respect he deserves. Dusty looked up to him knowing that Skipper was stern, wise, skilled, and everything he personally wanted to be as a plane.


Determination –  Many times in Disney Planes, Dusty showed the audience his determination not to fail his friends or himself. With a look of determination Dusty faces many elements high and low, but in the end he conquerors them all.

El Chu

Kindness – Have you ever known an individual who would put their needs and wants aside to assist you at any moment? That is Dusty. He likes to show kindness to others whenever he can.  He does not believe in “every plane for himself.” A few times in Disney Planes, you will catch Dusty either helping a close friend swoon the love his life or assisting a fierce competitor in fatal danger. Dusty puts his desires aside to help those around him. Such a great lesson for us all.

Skipper Dottie and Chug

Teamwork – Last but not least, Disney Planes shows us how everyone can pitch in, put forth great teamwork, and all come out winners. Friends and competitors alike work together with a terrific sense of unity… and prove when everyone works together that everyone wins.

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From start to finish, Disney Planes is a high-flying adventure that will keep you entertained. Dusty and all his friends will capture your heart right away and hold onto it throughout the film. I highly recommend watching Dusty and his friends as he races to the finish line. The underdog story behind Dusty Crophopper is an encouragement to anyone… young or old. A definite must-see this Summer.

Need to Know

Disney Planes takes flight August 9th, 2013

Rated PG with a run time of 92 minutes with Animation, Adventure and Comedy.

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