When you become a parent, it’s only natural that you want your home to be as secure as possible for your children. When you have Christmas to enjoy, gadgets to safeguard and cherished belongings to preserve, it’s no surprise that many parents want their home to feel as protected as possible.

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Security for Your Family Home

Some security solutions can be an investment, but others can be incredibly basic and affordable.


There are some high-tech solutions that will undoubtedly provide a high level of security for your home, but there are some more cost-effective measures that can be equally useful. Hedgerows, for instance, offer a surprising amount of security:

  • If you opt for taller hedgerows, they prevent intruders from seeing inside your home, helping to restrict their access.
  • Putting hedgerows around your fences creates an extra obstacle for burglars to tackle if they want to access your property. Having tall hedges surrounding your garden could be the one effort they’re not prepared to make.

This is a simple but effective option if you are looking for some peace of mind regarding your security.

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Security Cameras

Nowadays, security cameras aren’t the same recorders that had to be wound back to watch, only to show grainy footage. Thanks to modern camera technology, it’s now possible to view who is in your home in real-time. Over-door and 360-degree cameras by BodyGuardz, for example, let you see the interior and exterior of your home straight from your smartphone. These cameras are discreet and non-intrusive, so you won’t feel as if your personal home has been rigged with CCTV cameras.

Be Careful About That Spare Key

If you have a spare key hidden somewhere for those moments when you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of the house, be careful. If it’s under the mat, then you may have made your property quite vulnerable. After all, it’s not wildly out of any burglar’s imagination that your spare key might be hidden there. Your best bet, if you want to hide a spare key, is to leave it at work or with a neighbor.

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Reconsider Your Windows and Doors

While original feature windows and doors can be pretty, they are not always the most secure. It may be far more secure for you to replace old wooden frames and doors with modern, reinforced versions. Double-glazed windows with locks and composite doors are far more effective a deterrent than wooden alternatives, which may look charming, but aren’t as protective. It may be a bit of an investment to replace them, but the benefits it brings for your home’s security could far outweigh this initial cost.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Flat-screen televisions, your Amazon Alexa, fancy features: these are all a good reason to try the locks on your home. The most basic and effective security measure is to be a bit more savvy about where you put your belongings, i.e., not in full view of the windows.  

Adding extra security to your family home needn’t always be such an expensive venture. It’s possible to invest in security cameras or new double-glazing and save on other measures, and, at the end of the day, it’s just about being clever about how people perceive your home.