If you have bought yourself some great quality and delectable CBD gummies to take with you on a trip you won’t want to encounter any sort of problem when you want to take them with you on an airplane.

travel with cbd, 8 Must-Know Tips If You’re Planning to Take CBD Gummies With You on an Airplane, Days of a Domestic Dad

Here are some essential points and tips you should know about traveling with CBD gummies.

Check restrictions before you head to the airport

First and foremost, it is essential that you need to check what the US laws permit you to carry on an airplane.

The good news is that the TSA does allow CBD gummies and oils as carry-ons as long as their THC content does not exceed 0.3 percent.

You may find that some states and other countries have more generous allowances, and some are less tolerant. The key thing to remember is to check what you are allowed for your flight.

Be mindful of international laws

Even though you were allowed to take your gummies onto the flight that doesn’t mean you can chew on them with impunity for the rest of the trip.

If you have layovers or connecting flights as part of the journey you will need to check whether hemp products are legal or you could encounter a problem once you leave the secured area of the airport.

It is normal to face a few questions

Although CBD gummies have become legally acceptable and mainstream in the US it is wise to be prepared for some questions when you enter certain countries that don’t have the same level of tolerance.

This is still a relatively new product in some countries and law enforcement officers may want to question you to be sure that what you have is legal.

travel with cbd, 8 Must-Know Tips If You’re Planning to Take CBD Gummies With You on an Airplane, Days of a Domestic Dad

Don’t take a chance

If CBD products are not legal in the country you are visiting or you are not sure it is never worth taking a chance.

Some destinations have very strict laws relating to what they might perceive as drug use and you don’t want to risk the threat of jail even if you are did not intend to break the law.

Could you buy it at your destination?

If you have any doubts or anxiety about taking CBD products on the plane you might want to check if you can get what you need at your destination.

Luckily you can shop for CBD honey sticks and other CBD products in many retail stores and online shops, making it easy to get your hands on them even when traveling. Plus, buying locally often means you get high-quality products at a better price compared to buying them in some areas of the US.

Be tolerant

It is always good to be respectful of other people’s attitudes and remain tolerant when you have a brush with airport security.

Their primary focus is on keeping every passenger safe so they are just doing their job when they ask you to explain what you have in your bag.

Use discretion when taking CBD

You are more likely to get a few looks on the plane if you decide to take CBD from a dropper than if you pop a gummy in your mouth.

Choosing CBD gummies allows you to be more discreet, especially if you choose some that don’t look any different from any other sort of snack.

Don’t hide your product

If you decide to travel with CBD products such as gummies it is best to have them to hand so that you can show what you have without any issues or raising suspicions that you might be concealing something that is not legal.