If you plan to have one last summer hurrah with your kids, hiking can be a fun activity for everyone. It’s an excellent opportunity to bond as a family, and teach your kids about the beauty of nature.

Tips for a Fun Hike With Kids

Tips for a Fun Hike With Kids

Here are some ways on how you can make your hiking trip with your family fun and interesting:

Prepare Your Essentials

Before you go hiking, ensure you have everything that you need. Prepare the essentials, such as wet wipes, extra clothes, high-quality baby carriers, towels, and hydration. Don’t forget your camera to capture those precious memories with your family. Pack them accordingly, so they are easily accessible during the hike.

Choose an Easy Hike Destination

If it’s your first time hiking with your family, it would be best to try the easy route first. The idea is to prime your kids that the hike is not all about strenuous activity but about the experience. Choose the trail that will make them appreciate nature at its finest. Go with a course that features streams, waterfalls, or lakes they can look forward to.

Time it Well

One of the key things about an enjoyable hike is timing it correctly. Check the weather forecast and see that the weather would be apt for you and your kids. You may also want to give your kids ample time to explore the great wilderness without getting too hurried. Once you start your hike, you’ll notice that your kids may want to pick and touch everything they see.

Dress Accordingly

As you check the weather before the hike, make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. The key here is to dress in layers. Make sure that your kids will get ample protection from the chill. Windbreakers are also great to have. Prepare hats and gloves. Remember that hikes can get chilly even during summer, as the temperature can change when you go up the trail. Rain clothes are also a necessity in case of sudden downpours. You must also have appropriate hiking boots or sandals.

Incorporate Games

Kids will appreciate nature better if they can actively interact with the different elements in their surroundings. Arouse their curiosity by incorporating games on the trail. It doesn’t have to be pre-prepared, but you may want them to look for different signs of wildlife, including counting bird holes, wildflowers, and other things they don’t usually see in their everyday lives. To make things more interesting, do a scavenger hunt! It’s a great way to let them explore nature.

Assign a Leader

Kids love it when they are in charge. Choose a leader and rotate them during the hike. This is a good practice of empowering them to take responsibility. However, you have to ensure that kids are properly briefed about their roles to minimize potential arguments along the way.

Leave No Trace

One of the best things you can teach your kids about nature is to leave it as it is. While they are free to explore, they have to make sure they don’t leave any trash behind. Encourage them to bring a small garbage bag or to place small trash in their pocket. It would also be nice if you could teach them to pick up trash they see.

Now that you know the basics of hiking, make sure to do this activity as frequently as possible with your family.