If you want to try hiking through nature, you should make a habit out of packing some essential items that will help you throughout your journey.

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Survival Items For Hiking

At a basic level, you should have items that help you out with navigation, sun protection, first aid, nutrition, and bushcrafting. Today we’ll be going through the absolute essentials that will help you get the most from a day of hiking.

1. Survival Knife

While this isn’t the first thing you’d think to pack for a hiking trip, it might come in handy in more ways than one. On numerous occasions, they come in handy for repairing gear, preparing food, first aid, and even other emergency situations.

Once you get your hands on the best survival knife and start looking for tutorial videos on how to use it in the wild, you’ll be amazed what a great investment you’ve just made. After a long day of hiking, you might want to chop some wood and make a small campfire to enjoy the stars, and having a survival knife is perfect in this scenario.

2. Sun Protection

Since you’ll probably be hiking from dusk till dawn, it’s important to have a few items that will offer you protection against the sun. These include sun-protective clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Spending long hours outdoors, especially during the afternoon, means you’ll have to deal with ultraviolet rays. These affect your eyes and skin unless you have proper protection. That’s why you need to prepare yourself similarly to preparing for a day at the beach.

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3. Navigation Tools

When going on an adventure through areas that you’re not familiar with, you’ll need the right tools to avoid getting lost. Now, you might think that having a smartphone with GPS is enough.

However, you won’t always have GPS signal. That’s why you have to rely on older methods. Having a map and compass is as crucial as having food and water when hiking. For extra help, you could also get an altimeter watch that uses a barometer to inform you of the altitude you’re at.

4. Tools to See in the Dark

A headlamp or a flashlight will come in handy when night comes. Depending on where you are and what time of the year it is, it’s easy to lose track of time and find yourself having to navigate back through dense woods.

The light coming from the stars won’t help you out much in that scenario. You’ll also have a lot of trouble if it’s cloudy night and you don’t even have that to help you out much. So do yourself a favor and be prepared even if you’re not planning to stay until dusk.

5. First Aid

Even if you’re an experienced hiker or a complete newbie, accidents can happen. It’s vital to carry and know how to use first-aid items for this exact reason.

When you’re out in the woods, even a small cut can result in an infection. Learn how to treat wounds with this basic tutorial and be prepared for anything beforehand.

Final Thoughts

These five essential items will come in handy on any hiking trip, no matter where you plan on going.

Don’t forget to read up on other tips for choosing the best hiking gear for your needs and budget so that you will have everything you need to be prepared.