Summertime is the perfect season to get outdoors and explore the wonders of nature. There are plenty of fun ideas you can try in your very own yard. Get your kids interested in ecology by introducing them to gardening. Meet some of the local wildlife by putting out treats, or even digging a pond. Why not go camping for a fun family weekend, or simply for a walk in the forest? Here are five outdoor activities to get your kids in touch with nature.

Make a bird feeder

Make your own bird-feeder out of recycled materials such as a plastic bottle. Birds eat a range of different things you can find in your kitchens such as granola, apples, bananas, eggshells, and cooked pasta and rice. You can get rid of your organic waste while giving them a tasty treat. 

If your kids like this idea, you can also set up an upside-down wine bottle to make a butterfly feeder. Butterflies and small birds love sugar, so all you need to put inside is a sponge soaked in sugar water. See the full tutorial here. For a fun project, you can decorate the bottle together too.


If you’re looking to go on a cheap local family vacation this summer why not plan a weekend camping? You could pack your own tent, or check out these camper trailers for sale. This is a great way to get back in touch with nature and spend some time together as a family. Do some research and find hidden gems near you to explore. You’ll be surprised what’s just around the corner.  


Kids love getting their hands dirty so why not teach them some gardening tricks? Start seeds off indoors and watch them grow, then you can plant them together. There are plenty of easy parent and kid gardening activities to try. How about a garden scavenger hunt? Write a list of things to find in the yard, you could even make it a competition. This will engage their curiosity and get them interested in nature. 

Dig a pond

A pond is a fantastic feature if you have space. It’s a perfect project for the summer. Digging in a pond will make a nice home to host your amphibian visitors. It’s not too hard to do, just make sure there are rocks and branches surrounding it so that the animals can go in and out. Be sure to add water lilies and other plants to keep it fresh and inviting. See here for more garden pond building tips

Forest bathing
There are many health benefits to forest bathing for kids. It’s a great wellbeing activity. Take a walk deep into local woods or forest and really take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Make a day out of it. You could encourage your kids to explore more by packing a magnifying glass and light. Take pictures of any creatures they find and get them to look them up when you get home.

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