The new Toyota GR Supra line-up for 2021 has been rolled out and it is impressive. I was able to test drive the 2.0 model and was impressed. This car embodies everything I like about a sports car.

Toyota GR Supra

It is powerful, fast, lightweight, and sleekly designed at a great price point.

Power and Performance

The GR Supra 2.0 features a turbocharged inline-four engine with 295 lb.-ft torque and horsepower of 255. The engine sits pretty far back in the bay which allows for a better weight distribution and balance for optimal power.

The electronically controlled rear differential assures maximum stability and performance. The sensors monitor engine RPM, wheel speed, and throttle opening angle. This information activates a multi-plate clutch for precise driving in an instant.

The GR Supra offers both normal and sport driving modes. Normal is perfect for commuting with a smooth ride. Sport mode kicks the engine up a notch for racetrack style acceleration for an adrenalin rush.

Built for Speed

The light weight of the car, along with the low and wide stance, provide precision road handling and agility. Desired speeds are achieved with maximum comfort. The flat undercover helps to reduce aerodynamic lift. The weight of the car is distributed to provide perfect balance. The forged alloy wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires to optimize acceleration and braking.

Stylish Design

The exterior silhouette of the GR Supra is sleek and curvy. The LED taillights are a signature design feature of the brand. The front end is highlighted by the two level, 6 lens LED headlights. The unique bubble roof is engineered for more interior headroom and reduced drag on the exterior.

The interior is definitely styled with the driver in mind. The bolstered seats and center console knee padding offer complete comfort in the cockpit. Of course, there are plenty of cup holders for casual driving. There is also 10 cubic feet or trunk space for those long weekend excursions.

Attractively Priced

I was surprised that the sticker price on this exceptional 2.0 machine was under $43,000.00. You get everything in a luxury sports car for thousand less than some of the competition with the same amenities, including all the Toyota safety features, technology, and entertainment you need.

Wrapping It Up

I have to admit that test driving the 2021 Toyota GR Supra was a rush. This is not a family car. However, it is a really sporty and fun car to drive. If you are an empty nester and want an exceptional sports car that won’t break the bank, I encourage you to check out the GR Supra.