The Motorola MBP854CONNECT model baby monitor is a high-tech, modern styled video monitor device. This model of Motorola monitor is a top of the line model that composes of a webcam to be placed in the baby or child’s room, along with a hand held video screen that looks like a smartphone. This monitor is undoubtedly one of the best models on the market that any parent or grandparent can choose from.

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This model is convenient for parents on the go because it has internet connectivity. Not only can parents and caretakers view the baby from the included screen, but they can view it with their cell phone, laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or any other electronic device. This model of baby monitor is great for any parents who are not around during the day to see their baby because they are out working long days at work.

The monitor also offers a cloud video recording service, provided by Hubble. The video recording service can save video for up to thirty days before purging it. Up to ten cameras can be used to view the infant around the house while at work, or fulfilling other obligations.


As if this camera can’t get any more high tech, the camera that is placed in the child’s room can be moved remotely. The camera can be panned, tilted, and zoomed, and it includes audio, along with the video. But wait – there’s more! If registered and authorized users wish to play a song for the infant in its room from the camera, parents have the option to do so. The camera comes installed with five different songs to play for the infant.


Well, how can a parent view their child if the room is dark? How exactly is that supposed to work? Here’s the answer: the high-tech monitor comes installed with a room temperature monitor, so parents can know how hot or cold the room the baby is in; and the camera comes equipped with an option to use infrared night vision technology, so a parent can see his or her baby in the dark, without having to get up and turn the light on themselves.

There are many situations in which a parent may need to be away from their baby. While a baby should always be supervised by a responsible adult, parents can feel more sure that their baby is doing ok without having to check on it themselves as often.