The summer heat, however fleeting in the US, can be a struggle for both of you when you and your little one are hot and bothered. 

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Summer Essentials for Newborns, Summer Essentials for Newborns, Days of a Domestic Dad

Summer Essentials for Newborns

Keeping your little one hydrated during the Summer months is essential. Breastfeeding babies don’t need extra water, but they may feed more often. Bottle-fed babies can have a small amount of cooled boiled water.

Keeping Baby Out of the Sun

Babies skin under six months old contains too little melanin to give any protection, so they should be kept out of the sun. 

Never cover your little one’s stroller or pushchair with a towel, blanket or muslin, as your baby can overheat quickly.

The Snoozeshade Original is a stroller and pushchair shade for babies from birth to six months and attaches to any stroller, pushchair or travel system. Made from breathable mesh fabric, it’s safe and lets air flow freely. It also protects your little one from 99% of UVB and UVA rays.

Even on cloudy and overcast days, sun lotion should be used carefully, liberally and repeatedly on all of your little one’s exposed skin half an hour before you go outside. We recommend Childs Farm Fragrance-Free SPF 50+ Sun Lotion

The Babymoov Anti UV UPF 50+ High Protection Baby Sun Tent is brilliant for the park, beach or garden. Your baby can be out, but not stuck in their pram and in the fresh air with you but, most of all, protected.

Room Temperature

Parents will start to worry when the warmer weather arrives about their little one’s room temperature. Always remember that the perfect temperature for a bedroom is between 61°F (16°C) and (68°F) 20°C.

Keep windows and doors open, and curtains closed during the day. Keep your little one cool and settle them before bed by giving them a cool, not cold, bath. 

You can get an accurate temperature reading with a room thermometer like the Tommee Tippee GroEgg2which gives an accurate reading of your little one’s room temperature and changes colour to tell you if a room is too cold, warm or hot.

It can also be used as a night light and tells you which tog sleepwear your baby should sleep in.

Newborn Summer Clothes

If you had your baby in the Summer months, your friends and family would probably have gifted your little one lots of lovely summer clothes. 

On the hottest days, all your baby needs is their nappy, and on the hottest night, a nappy or vest is just fine to keep them at the right temperature.

When out and about, we would recommend a sun hat like the Ami&Li Baby Anti-UV UPF 50+ Sun Shade Hat. It’s 100% cotton, ultrathin and protects your little one’s head and neck from the sun’s rays.

When it’s sunny, the weVSwe UV Sunsuit blocks over 98% of UVB and UVA rays. The double zipper feature is excellent for wrestling with a little one during a nappy change and allows for easy on and off when the suit is wet.

These KIDDUS Baby Sunglasses give total protection from the sun and have an adjustable strap to keep them over your little one’s eyes.

Summer Baby Carriers

The lightweight all-season Beco Gemini Carrier will stop you from getting sweaty and your little one overheating.

It’s fully adjustable with four different positions different stages. It features a large pocket on the waist belt, a breastfeeding release buckle under your arm, a built-in headrest for support or added height and safety catch on your shoulder straps buckles. Carriers and strollers are summer essentials for baby’s.

Other Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool and Protected During Summer include these Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles, which are great for soothing sore gums while teething, introducing new flavours while weaning and keeping your little one cool.

We also love the Dreambaby Clip-on Stroller Fan, which is universal and helps keep your baby cool while out in their pushchair or pram.