Humans spend an average of 4.3 years of their lives in their cars. We want to feel good and comfortable, considering we spend a long time in a vehicle. The seats must be firm and supportive.

Photo black car sound speakers closeup on a white background audio system hard bass subwoofer

The suspension must be sporty yet cushions every bump on the road. The cabin should be able to filter outside noise for a quiet ride. But what car is complete without the proper sound setup? 

We want to play our kind of music. Music gets us into the vibe. It gets us into the groove. Our mood also affects the type of music we listen to as much as the music we listen to influences our mood. Your car speaker system may need improvement for better sound quality.

How to improve the sound in your car

Unless you buy a luxury car, we can all agree that your car’s stock audio system lacks performance. It is enough to play music, but the sound quality is sub-par. The good thing is there are plenty of aftermarket brands to choose from to give you a crisp auditory experience. 

Changing the head unit

Car manufacturers often release their vehicles with basic, even outdated, head units. Their touch screens are slow in response and lack certain applications. These head units put out the bare minimum when it comes to performance. If you have an older car, you need a newer head unit, as the old one may have components degraded over time. Upgrading your head unit is the first step in getting better sound output, as newer, better head units have better components for sound processing and amplification components. A newer, more advanced head unit will also look cooler and have more functions than your stock head unit.

Replace your old speakers

The speakers that came with your vehicle from the factory are basic, and most use paper elements. Several brands use different elements for their speaker cones. They all have their pros and cons. You will have to sample the sound quality of different speakers and choose the one you think sounds best. You are the one who will use them, so what matters most is your preference.

  • Paper – paper element is livelier and produce a brighter sound. However, writing can absorb moisture which changes its mass and damping. They are also expensive to produce.
  • Plastic – this material is low-cost and has great inherent consistency of build. Plastic also has good sound dampening. However, plastic produces a less lively sound than other materials.
  • Metal – metal, like aluminium, is used for making speaker cones. Metal tends to be sturdier and more durable. Some do not prefer aluminium speakers since they tend to produce a sound like metal clanging.
  • Aramid fibre – This material is great since it will not dent like metal. You can not easily poke a hole in them, unlike paper. These produce beautiful mid-range with smooth high-end sound.

Add more speakers

If you can not replace your stock speakers because of fitment issues, then adding more speakers would be ideal. Cars, especially those in the lower trim level, come with as little as two speakers in the front and none at the back. These speakers produce weak sound, and you need to raise the volume to hear better. However, raising the volume in the stock speakers makes the sound louder, but the clarity is broken up. Adding more speakers with a higher watt rating will deliver a louder and cleaner sound.

Use sound-deadening material

Cars have different levels of sound deadening. Sound deadening is used to lessen the noise entering your vehicle’s cabin to prevent noise pollution from entering your car. Sound deadening also lessens the sound exiting your vehicle, so it makes the sound made by your speakers better heard overall. A car’s sound deadening can be improved by bringing it to a shop to install sound deadening mats on your car’s doors, floor, and ceiling.

Add a subwoofer

The subwoofer is a great addition to good speakers. A subwoofer is a type of speaker that is used for lower frequencies. They deliver a frequency range from 20-200 Hz and are good for bass and sub-bass reproduction. This type of speaker highlights the sound of the bass drum, bass guitar, and pipe organs, even the sound of explosions in movies.


The OEM audio system in your car could be more robust in performance. You may think the stock speakers are enough, but wait until you hear a proper stereo setup. It will blow you away.

A well-known brand may have supplied stock audio systems, but these are usually their low-end offerings. The good thing about the stock audio system is that it can be upgraded to your liking. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to audio quality. If you want a better-sounding audio system, then upgrading its components should be your focus. 

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