When was the last time you were able to getaway? Did you take the family along? Is it time for another trip? We took the girls to Oklahoma City last weekend and had a great stay, thanks to avid hotels Oklahoma city quail springs.

avid hotel Oklahoma city

Stay at Avid Hotels

Avid hotel are a fresh new brand from IHG. So fresh, in fact, that the only location just opened last month in Oklahoma City. Don’t worry though, several more locations will be popping up across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada soon.

With avid hotels, what you see is what you get. When you peruse their photos, the room you walk into upon arrival will look like the picture. They give you all the essentials for a pleasant stay, without all the hype.

For example, here are 4 reasons you need to stay at avid hotel:

  • Sound Sleep: During your stay, you’ll discover a high-quality mattress and linens, choice of firm and soft pillows, blackout roller shades and a purposeful design that reduces noise. From a silent headboard to an absence of drawers, the room is made for rest.
  • Quality Breakfast Choices: When you come down for breakfast, you can expect a select number of brand-name options including General Mills, Kind and Chobani for guests to grab-and-go or enjoy in the lobby alongside a premium bean-to-cup coffee experience.
Breakfast at avid hotel oklahoma city
  • Latest in Technology: avid hotels feature new generation of reservation system that allows guests to choose their room. Additionally. avid hotels is also the first IHG brand to offer casting from guests’ smartphones to 55” TVs in each guest room.
  • The Just Right Guarantee: avid hotel guarantee that the room will be ‘just right’ upon arrival so that guests can rest assured that they made the right decision by staying with them.

Ready to getaway?

Hop over to avidhotels.com and book that corner room you like so much! Settle in for a great night’s sleep and then head out to explore the nearby areas.

avid hotel pool

Or just enjoy the quiet of a clean, comfortable room.

avid hotels delivers the basics done exceptionally well at a fair price. Book your room today!