In many online games, developers rely heavily on raids and dungeon crawls as an element of gameplay, leisure and opportunities to strengthen your character.

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A whole system has been built in World of Warcraft, in which players get phased access to raids depending on the level, quality of equipment and stages passed earlier – in order to move to a higher difficulty, you need to defeat the previous enemy and meet all the necessary entry requirements.

What is a raid

A raid is a large campaign, organized by players, directed to the lair of the selected boss.

The boss is a powerful monster with unique skills, behavior, high health and attacks that can destroy entire groups for the safety of the head of the dungeon and the treasures he guards.

Security – each boss has his own retinue, which ensures his safety and attacks uninvited guests. The second task that the boss’s companions can perform is healing and strengthening their master.

Reward – each boss carries a total drop equal to its level and strength, as well as the complexity of the dungeon itself. The value is also taken from the minimum equipment value that is required to enter.

How difficult is the raid

Raids are divided into difficulty levels, where a standard hike often plays an introductory role.

You have to enter the play area, see all the bosses and their guards, understand the main skills and strengths, and concentrate on the weak points of the raid creatures.

With the right selection of participants and the stable performance of all their duties, the raid will be stable and fruitful.

Cons of raiding

The raid requires players to have a certain amount of equipment power that they need to achieve, even if the hero is higher than this equipment in level, otherwise he simply will not be able to get the right to enter.

Success directly depends on the actions of each member of the group – if someone is underworking, lazy, or has an unstable Internet connection, then the whole trip can be doomed to failure, especially if the highest difficulty is chosen, which does not forgive even the smallest mistakes.

Carefully approach the choice of a tank, the presence or absence of chaos during the farming of the boss depends on it.

What is raidcarry

Raidcarry is a service from the professional service Skycoach, which offers the player to get a high-quality dungeon passage with the provision of all rewards and experience in favor of the character with a guarantee of performance.

The service will help you complete a raid of any complexity in most MMO RPG projects that implement dungeon functionality, be it classic, heroic, or mythical raid format.

How to order the raidcarry service from the Skycoach service

You need to go to the Skycoach website, select a game and a raidcarry service if such functionality is implemented on the project.

This is followed by communication with the manager and discussion of the details and time of the implementation of the service and joining the battle group.

You can join the group on your own and take part in the raid, but in a dead state – your character will be killed so as not to interfere with professional Skycoach players to provide passage, including complex mythical dungeons, where any mistake can lead to defeat and due to which does not allow the player to participate in the farming process.

The second format is safer and simpler and involves transferring the account to professional Skycoach players to perform the service.

The service provides you with a guarantee of anonymity and security, and also conducts an accelerated format for the implementation of the service.

You can simply watch the process on the official Skycoach website, or go about your business and wait for the transaction to move from the status in progress to the completed section. Then you can log into your account, check the result, evaluate the trophies and experience gain and leave feedback on the quality of the service performed to improve and control the process.

Why the raidcarry service is more profitable than regular trips

With standard campaigns, the randomness factor plays and the need to meet the needs of the raid itself and the entire group.

You can be a great rogue and match your gear for the current level, but not be relevant to a particular group, or not have time to take attacking positions.

The second point – when a lot of unfamiliar characters gather in a group, this significantly reduces the likelihood of a successful passage. If for a regular raid this chance cannot play a significant role, then for a mythical one even the smallest mistake can be fatal.

The whole group must act as a single organism – together avoid long-range and close attacks of the bosses, cope with the retinue, cover the tank and not let the healer offend, and attack the head of the dungeon in a complex way.

Due to the fact that each member of the group has his own approach to the game and you do not know and cannot know his mood and desire to invest in the success of the raid, you can simply uselessly spend a lot of time to suddenly die with the whole group at the hands of a lazy healer, or an inactive tank.

The last serious minus is the distribution of trophies. You can spend a lot of time on a painstaking passage, but still lose the legendary drop due to the random distribution of rewards.

Conclusion on the raidcarry service and answers to questions

Do you need a service for newbies?

The Skycoach raid carry service will be useful to all beginners who are not taken to raids, or they do not understand all the subtleties, but want to receive experience and rewards that are given to all dungeon winners.

What is the most common request for raidcarry coming from players?

Often this is the passage of mythical versions of raids that carry the most valuable reward, legendary equipment, achievements that add pleasant passive bonuses for the first passage, a lot of experience, and all this goes to your hero, and is not divided randomly by all participants – the only thing you get guaranteed with self-passage, it’s an experience.

How long does it take to implement the Raidcarry service?

It all depends on the difficulty of the raid you have chosen – the normal mode is faster, and the mythical one is much longer due to the minimum time to clear each of the bosses.

Can ordinary players offering raidcarry services be trusted?

You are free to choose and interact with all players, but it is worth remembering that only services provide a guarantee for their services, and even in the event of force majeure and defeat, they will fulfill their obligations to the client, while individual performers implement their tasks at their own discretion and can just refuse to run the raid again.

, Raids, their role in strengthening the hero and ways, Days of a Domestic Dad