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We all have enough to baggage in life without having to juggle a half dozen separate items just to keep our mobile life up and running. You know the ones, the extra chargers, flash drives, card readers, cameras, and speakers. Our pockets are full, our bags are a mess, and honestly the whole thing becomes a hassle, draining the fun and defeating the purpose of our beloved, expensive, space-age mobile devices. – OtterBox uniVERSE

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The Possibilities with the OtterBox uniVERSE

Thankfully, OtterBox, one of the most trusted names in phone protection, has been busy at work dreaming up, and creating a solution: the OtterBox uniVERSE case system. With one case there are endless possibilities and you can start creating your perfect bundle now at Best Buy.

With OtterBox behind the uniVERSE system you can still count on their certified Drop+ Protection, an absolute must for expensive devices that, let’s face it, we all put at risk every day when we slip them into our pockets or bags. The design is ultra-slim and follows your phones precision lines, with a raised, beveled edge that protects the valuable touchscreen. Installation is a flash with one single piece that slips on and off of your device, and the best is yet to come.

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In addition to their already popular offerings, the uniVERSE case system includes a removable accent plate that allows you to integrate a plethora of swappable modules into your phone without having to remove your protective case; and when they say one case, endless possibilities, they mean it. Expanding the features of your phone to suit your personal needs has never been easier.

Are you glued to your device and sick of being tethered to the wall while you wait to recharge? You can purchase the Polar Pro power pack battery module and stop tying yourself in knots with charging cords, your power is now on the go and built directly into your case so you have nothing extra to lug around.

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What about space – most of us have had that moment of complete irritation as you try to download an app or snap a quick photo only to find out you have no space left. Thankfully those days are gone, SanDisk partnered with OtterBox to deliver a 32GB Apple Lightening Flash Drive to instantly give you some room to breath – and download away.

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Those really are only 2 of a myriad of options, though. You can turn your camera into a photographic dream with the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens kit, take payments on the go with the Square Contactless & Chip Reader, attach the Steelie vent mount for your car, turn the back of your case into a mobile wallet, attach an armband and head out for a jog, or pump up the base with the Pulsar Portable Bluetooth Mobile Speaker by the pool this summer. Best Buy is stocked with the full line of OtterBox uniVerse Cases, expand your phone’s features today, with this one case, the possibilities are endless.