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Have you ever been jamming out to your favorite play list, but then your smartphone dies? Better yet, you just caught the best sunset picture ever only to not be able to share it online. Unfortunately our smartphones don’t do us any good when they are dead and out of power. That is why we need to carry a backup power supply like the Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000.

Motorola Power Pack Slim

There has been countless times I have been out-and-about for work or with family, with a extremely low battery on my smart device. I finally wised up and started carrying a battery pack to charge on the go. It seems low battery bars are a common problem among people that like to use their smartphones. I have come across plenty of people that need a little bump of power or a full charge.

Whether you have an Android™-powered device, an iPad, a Kindle or other device using a micro-USB or standard USB port, you’ve got more power.

After using several different makes and types of battery packs, I have settled down with the powerful Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000. The size and lightweight case are very appealing, as well as easy to carry in a back pocket/purse.

Motorola Power Pack Slim

Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 Features

  • Charges the average smartphone battery up to 2 times* and is powerful enough to charge your tablet.
  • Features universal charging for Android™-powered devices and others with attached micro USB cable
  • Charge a variety of devices with attached micro USB cable and standard USB port (charge up to 2 devices simultaneously)
  • You can charge your power pack and your phone at the same time.
  • Certified CarbonFree® design, materials and packaging for a green environment.
  • 4 LEDs let you know how much power is left in the charger.

*Based on a 1500mAh average smartphone battery with at least 10% remaining battery life.

Motorola Power Pack Slim

If you are looking for a power pack to save you from that time(s) that your Smartphone goes dead. Choose the Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 that you can order online or pick-up at a local Verizon Wireless store. ‪#‎ConnectedLife‬ #VZWBuzz