SomeEcards and My Family

Do you get a kick out of reading or sending SomeEcards to either your family or buddies? I find a majority of them are pretty entertaining. And they also are very relatable to my life. Here are a 7 of my Favorite SomeEcards for my family life. - Welcome to our Autism home.. Just to warn you, a naked child could appear before you at any moment.

We are blessed with a special needs little daughter and she doesn’t like to keep clothes on most of the time. - Welcome to magical world of Teenagers! Back talks, moodswings, crazy behavior, continuous mind changes, lies, sneakiness, etc etc. lol.

I love our teenagers, but they are their own breed of people most days. Any one with teens agree? - Yes, I am a stay at home dad. Ask me what I do all day, I dare you.

I get asked ever so often why I stay home and what I do. My answer to them is simply that I spend more time with my kids than before. My days consist of blogging and watching the dishes pileup… while I eat bon-bons. - Shh....I am quietly disappearing into the bathroom.... Please don't tell the kids!

Staci will tell you that she finds quite in the bathroom… and tries to sneak in there a couple times a day. Her showers are her quiet place and we know to let her have her peace once she enters those sacred bathroom doors. - Sometimes I start a game of hide and seek with my kids just so I can get ten minutes alone in the pantry.

This is me. I can find a really good hiding spot and take a little nap as the girls search for me. - Let's take all our toys back out, and leave them all over the house for mom to pick up again. Wouldn't want her to get bored!

My life seems to revolve around picking up after the kids. Sometimes I honestly think they just spread the toys out for us to pick up. - Silence is Golden... Unless you have kids, then silence is just Suspicious.

One of my favorite Someecards just because it is so true at my house. When we have not heard from the kids in a while we know there is something going on. With the girls it typically means lipstick on the walls, clogged toilet, or toy full of water. With the teens it is nap time 9 times out of 10.

Can you relate to any of these family cards? What would your card say?